Happy Birthday, Luke!!

It was about this time two years ago that I was sitting in the bed in the delivery room and Marc had Luke in his arms and was waiting for my parents to bring Madeline to the hospital to meet her new baby brother, who had, at 7:51pm, made a quick getaway from my body.  What a wonderful moment that was — seeing our little boy who looked so much like his daddy and the first glimpse of Madeline walking through the hospital door with her airplane balloon present leading the way.  It was so nice and quiet that night at the hospital.  The room was a little bit dim and I remember feeling a lot of love and wonder.

And now the boy is two years old and talking and running and getting into all sorts of things.  He counts "one, two, fee, foh, nigh, sic, sebby, eh, NIGH!!" and is learning new words everyday, though most of his time is spent jabbering unintelligibly and talking about Dora.  Luke is a real joy.  He’s outgoing and affectionate (he wanted to give one of my drum students a kiss goodbye last Monday…).  His eyes are so bright and his smile and chuckle make your heart happy.  The years have been good to him.  (I can say that now that he’s lived more than one, singular year.)  And I know good things are in store for him.

Here are the pictures from the day.  For our kids birthdays we decorate the kitchen the night before (this year Madeline helped us, too) in the "theme" of the party (this time, Jay Jay the Jet Plane) and spend too much money on helium balloons.  Then in the morning we go to their rooms with one balloon for them and sing "happy birthday".  Their present from us waits on the kitchen table, and they enjoy a Dutch treat for breakfast — toast with chocolate sprinkles (it’s good, trust me).  Then we go about the day (this morning I had to be at the church 10 minutes after Luke got up, so I missed most of his Jay Jay excitement as he got to play with his new Tarrytown airport and wooden figurines, but what can you do?).  We have the grandparents, great grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins over for supper and presents and cake.  And usually after a few tears, the kids are put to bed, one year older.  But I like these little traditions.  They probably bring me as much (or more) pleasure than the kids.  And today was a really good day.  Happy Birthday, Luke!!!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Beautiful pictures Dixie! Thanks for sharing them with us. You look like your just glowing, and the beard looks good on Marc. The kids look like they had a great day!

  2. Cheyne says:

    oo isn;t he gorgeous. very funny post. beard looks good on marc. you look fantastic. love the birthday decs. i want some of that cake. lovely pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!

  3. Rohini says:

    Lovely pictures. I am really looking forward yo my son’s second birthday as well – I think he’ll understand and have more fun than the first one. I am also dreading all the work I’ll have to do to make that happen….

  4. Tal says:

    Happy Birthday to Luke!

  5. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday Luke!

    Looks like it was fun. Your little birthday tradition is a wonderful idea. It creates such wonderful memories for them (and you). It really is fun to do that kind of thing for the kids. Chances are that when they become parents, they’ll do the same thing for their kids.

    You are looking fab too!

  6. Nicole says:

    What a fun birthday for Luke! I’m thinking I might have to give that toast with chocolate sprinkles thing a try … anything with chocolate can’t be bad 🙂

  7. Dixie says:

    Nicole, try the chocolate sprinkle thing — it’s great (although very messy once the kids start eating them — I get really tired of sweeping up sprinkles every morning).

    But, these are not just chocolate sprinkles. You have to get the Dutch kind — you can get milk or dark chocolate (and then there a bunch of other varieties), and it’s REAL chocolate, not whatever you get in the cake decorating aisle.

    The brand is De Ruijter, http://www.deruijter.nl/. There’s a picture of the boxes on that web page. And you can get them in the spreads aisle of Superstore. About $3.50 a box, I think. Enjoy!

  8. raven says:

    sorry, the beard is aweful. my opinion…

  9. Dixie says:

    Well, I’m glad I’m not Marc. I’d for sure be crying now if someone told me that something on me looked awful. Seriously.

  10. Maryanne says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Luke!

    These are very fun pictures you’ve been posting. (And Chris is jealous of Marc’s beard.)

  11. Marc says:

    Meh. I don’t care. I’ve come to expect such frankness from Critic, as tactless as it may sometimes be.

    I like the beard.

  12. Nicole says:

    Dixie – Thanks for letting me know it’s not just any type of sprinkle. I feel that way about maple syrup (my father owned a maple syrup farm for years and I can’t deal with Aunt Jemima!)

    Anyhow, I know this may seem like a silly question but I don’t want to mess with a tradition … do you butter the toast? I tried to enlarge the picture but it doesn’t allow for that. It looks like it might be buttered. I think I might have this for my birthday breakfast this Saturday and I want to get it right!

  13. Marc says:

    The toast must be buttered. And the sprinkles should really be added while the toast is still hot, so that they melt a little bit.

    You can also put sprinkles on non-toasted bread. If you do, make sure the butter is nice and thick.

  14. Nicole says:

    Thanks Marc! I wondered about the slightly melted sprinkles bit – good to know!

  15. raven says:

    Sorry Marc. I looked again; its not that bad, the crazy shirt made your beard look VERY orange, but the previous post it looks ok. Who is Critic?

  16. raven says:

    oh – clarification though – I DO like the shirt; ‘crazy’ was not a derogatory.

  17. Marc says:

    Sorry–I meant to say Raven. (Although I’m pretty sure you know who Critic is.)

  18. raven says:

    what makes you say that???

  19. Marc says:

    Do you really want to know? Should I answer you here? (Perhaps I should keep that a secret!)

  20. jen says:


    I love the pictures the kids are getting so big it is hard to believe that he is already two years old. Hope you are all doing good. and Marc the beard is fine you actually look very Smart and sophisticated. Not thst you need the beard to do that but it does look good. and Dixie you look so good, as always. I miss you so much.

  21. SharonK says:

    I can’t believe I missed the big boy’s birthday on Sunday. Usually there are rumblings going on after church regarding so-and-so’s birthday but I heard nary a word about darling little Luke. So a huge “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Luke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.” I was singing there…..like I do to my own children/grandchild, even if they’re older. I like being sung to on my birthday so figured most others would like it. I trust it will be a year of many adventures for you, Luke (hang on mommy).

  22. Toni says:

    Happy birth-day to you too.

  23. raven says:

    ok Marc, how do you figure that?

  24. Marc says:

    Raven: you tell me who you are and I’ll tell you how I figure that you know who Critic is.

  25. Raven says:

    OOOH hardball! I can’t tell you. I’d like to, someday. Really! But I’m shy, and a bit paranoid of having my name posted on the internet…I enjoy the cloak of anynomity (ooh I hope that’s correctly spelled)…besides does it really matter?. It’s just a name. You know more about a person by what they say(or do) than by whatever possible judgments you tag to a name or a visual of a person. Isn’t this better?

  26. Marc says:

    I won’t hold the information ransom. For the sake of your anonymity, however, I’ll just say that IP addresses (among several other things) are revealing bits of information. If you want more info, you can email me (address below).

    I don’t care so much about your ID anymore, as you consistently comment under your pseudonym. My continued interest is really only because there have been hints that Dixie and/or I know you somehow.

  27. raven says:

    What is an IP address?

  28. Raven says:

    never mind I looked it up. Fair enough, I know Critic very well. Very observant of you. But I don’t necessarily have all the same views as Critic. .. not so ‘critical’ haha.

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