And while we're on the subject…

… of the best philospher in the history of mankind, the man whose name I would love to have tatooed on my bum, the man whose major work makes War and Peace look like a Danielle Steele paperback — let us just bask in the greatness of his mind, his philosophy, of the way he put reality, the “in-itself”, if you will, to the page… in a way most incomprehensible to anyone but a Ph.D.

Yes, I speak of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  *pause for appropriate applause, swooning, or radio horror story organ music*

Yes.  I love Hegel.  And I think he is the greatest philospher in the history of mankind.  And yes, I devoted 4 courses (that’s 12 credit hours) of my undergraduate and graduate career solely to him, more than any other philospher.  And I may not be able to tell you two twits about Heidegger or Derrida or Foucault.    And though half the time I couldn’t grasp the point of writings as basic as Nietzche’s, I can talk about the dialectic until I’m blue in the face, and something within the 600+ pages of this masterpiece just instinctually made sense to me and resonated truth.

So, take two minutes of your life and read at this link one page of the best philosophy book in the history of mankind — The Phenomenology of Spirit.  It can be your Christmas present to me.  And if you can’t stand it, you will be like 99% of the people who have attempted to read it in the history of mankind.  And that’s okay.  And the fact that I am the only person on Blogger who has The Phenomenology of Spirit as their favourite book… well, that’s okay, too.

(And don’t get turned off of philosophy because of that page.  Go read some of Plato’s Dialogues or Descartes’ Meditations.  That way you won’t think I’m absolutely nuts for spending 4.5 years of my life studying the stuff.)

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  1. Randall says:

    I have a free coupon for a tattoo you could use!

  2. Marc says:

    Yes, but is the tattoo free, Randall?


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