Dear Marc and Dixie's Bank,

Today is the 4th time I’ve called to tell you to let you know that you still have us on the wrong mortgage repayment schedule.  Since we purchased our new home 2.5 times as much money should’ve come off our mortgage than has, because of your error and slowness in action.  You have still not changed us to the right schedule.  You have wasted my time and energy in contacting you and waiting for you to call me back.  You have charged me interest for your mistake.  Please remedy this situation quickly, and pay me back my interest, and take out all the money from my account that should’ve gone onto the mortgage in the first place.  Just do it, already.

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One Response to Dear Marc and Dixie's Bank,

  1. Tal says:

    I LOVE that you’re asking the bank to take more money from you…You two are awesome!

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