Ten Years

Ten years ago tonight my eyes saw for the first time the man I would marry. That night on Pepper Drive in Regina will forever be in my mind — the awkwardness with which he played his guitar intros for worship, that blue acrylic sweater, and the kindness immediately evident in him. A lot has happened since November 14, 1997. We were both (skinny!) teenagers then. We were young and idealistic — filled with the passion and fear of youth. Since then we have grown individually and as a couple, and I am amazed at how our love has grown into something better. We still have some of that playfulness we had when we were first dating, even if these days we’re spent for time and energy. But we’ve created a rhythm to our life, and we’ve done pretty well at keeping it strong and in time. Jobs, children, mortgages, growth, changes, pain — all have brought their cadences to be added into the “Marc and Dixie” song. Some have been easier to play along to, but all have made us who we are. And, as our song goes on, each day I can say with increasing certainty that our kind of love never seems to get old. “When each partner loves so completely that he has forgotten to ask himself whether or not he is loved in return; when he only knows that he loves and is moving to its music — then, and then only, are two people able to dance perfectly in tune to the same rhythm.” And that rhythm of ours, Marc, it’s better than silver and gold.

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  1. Jyl says:

    Absolutely beautiful Dixie! Congrats on your 10 years together…may the next 10 be even sweeter!

  2. lisa says:

    very cool.

  3. lisa says:

    very cool. I’m just thinking if Steve and I have a song and all I can come up with is Change in my Pocket by the Georgia Satellites.

  4. Jobina says:

    That was awesome! Congrats you two!

  5. Simon says:

    Somehow Marc just doesn’t look right with long hair. But the beard, oddly, works. Congrats on 10 years you two!

  6. sil-1 says:

    Very, very nice. Congratulations on 10 years of love and memories.

  7. Marc says:

    Yeah, the long hair was a huge mistake.

    I’m growing the beard again.

    Congratulations, Dixie!

  8. beck says:

    That’s so beautiful. I’m all crying and stuff. Congrats you guys! Ten years is one thing, ten years of laughter and tears and love tying it all together is something else entirely.

  9. carl says:

    Congratulations you guys!

  10. Rayna says:

    Great slideshow! Congrats on 10 years!

  11. Collette says:

    aw! congrats!

    funny you posted the pic of you two golfing – I actually think of that photo set a lot! I remember you guys showing it to me when Marc lived in that house up on, was it Wascana Street? up by the Pasqua Rec Centre. we were going sledding I believe.

    I always thought those photos were totally cute, and I often think about how you guys were so right from the start…. I’m very happy that you each have found such wonderful partner, and made such a beautiful family. it’s nice to see such good in the world.

  12. Dixie says:

    Collette, I thought of you when I was scanning these older pictures of us yesterday. It’s weird to think that is the Marc and Dixie that you would remember! I remember that sledding day too. Marc pulled me UP the hill on the sled — proof that he really was a keeper. Although I’m sure he wouldn’t (or maybe COULDN’T, seeing as I’m not a skinny little rail anymore) do that now…

  13. Tal says:

    Dixie, that was really sweet. Like really, really sweet. You two so clearly have this love that’s enduring, but the one thing I noticed in all those pictures was the *fun* you were having. It’s kind of awesome. Like Marc and his long hair.

  14. mam.V. says:

    Gefeliciteerd, I love your story and pictures, I remember meeting you the first time Dixie in Marc’s little basement apartment in Regina, You seemed so young , we liked you right from the start even though we didn’t know how the friendship would develop in the future and now I don’t only like you but love you as my own daughter and feel very blessed having that little family in P.A. Now little!!!!! 3 kiddo’s added! We love you all very much and miss you.

  15. Ang says:

    This was beautiful and sweet and tender and just 100% you guys! What a wonderful way to celebrate ten years of love!!! Good job on the slideshow and congrats on the decade!

  16. Collette says:

    I look upon my experiences interacting with IVCF very fondly. I think of all of my university experiences, those ones are up there in terms of how special they are.

    sadly, I lost touch with Dave Kerr years ago. his name is too common – I can’t find him on Facebook. I’ve emailed him a few times over the years, but with no success. his parents moved back to Calgary years ago too, so I can’t even call them and ask them to get a hold of me. his dad’s name is Richard Kerr – I guarantee you there are a million of those in Calgary. I hope Dave finds me again someday. he was a good guy.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic. Such a powerful record of your life together, even in just three minutes…a family treasure, really. It has the effect of time-lapse photography as more kids keep showing up — love it.

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