This is Dixie mad!

I thought I’d blogged about the annoying mess we got into with our bank when we were offered to “up” our chequing account package to something fancier and FREE because we were such “loyal customers”, but I guess I didn’t. Long story short: I was terribly excited about free, unlimited banking. Then a lady at our branch said that that’s “impossible, we’d be out of business if we didn’t charge fees” (which Marc and I responded to in our heads with a resounding “BULL SHIT!”). When I wanted to go back to the old account fee she said that that was impossible. “Impossible?!” So I emailed our bank online — I was ready to go to the President I was so annoyed. Why should I be hosed out of double bank fees because you people make it sound like you’re offering something you’re not? In the end (and after several correspondences back and forth) it turns out that because we have a visa, mortgage, etc. with our bank we DO get our fees waived. Hooray for us! Then I see today that we’ve been charged the fees for the past two months. And this is what they got from me today. (Remember that old drug commercial with the egg and the frying pan? Well, “this is Dixie”. Cue the unbroken egg. “This is Dixie mad.” Break that egg on a hot pan and watch the mess get all fried up — all over the bank’s poor customer service representative somewhere in Ontario.)


I just saw on my account statement that we were charged the $11.95 account fee on October 24 and November 23. Why has the multi-product rebate not been put into place yet? Please refer to the below correspondencES to see how much time I have had to put into getting this into place. It was offered to me by a _____ Bank representative on the phone and should have been in place months ago, instead of all of the confusion. Please reimburse us for the two $11.95 amounts that have mistakenly come out of our account and have the multi-product rebate in place for December. I would ask to be reimbursed the interest I lost on that $23.90, but since you offer such low interest on chequing accounts, I won’t bother.

Thank you for your immediate action in this matter.

Dixie Vandersluys

(I am so mean.)
(And, no, I didn’t end the email with “I am so mean.”)
(And while I’m in this mood, I may as well email Old El Paso about all of those broken taco shells that you get when you open the box…)


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  1. Maryanne says:

    Oooh. Update us on what happens. (And I think Marc blogged about the beginning of this ordeal.)

  2. Dixie says:

    I was sure I’d read it somewhere!

  3. Nicole says:

    Good for you!

    And I made the switch to soft tacos after I got so furious that NOT ONE hard taco was still intact on the very last box of Old El Paso that I ever bought. Grrrr …

  4. Ang says:

    You go girl!!! That was fantastic! Don’t let them walk all over you and take what is yours!

  5. Angie says:

    I think that it is garbage that banks are still charging fees like that. We bank with PC Financial and have absolutely no problems with them and they charge NO fees whatsoever. And they have a savings account that earns 4.25% interest as long as you keep at least $1000 in it! Not sure if PC Financial is available in PA, but I would highly recommend it.

  6. Tal says:

    Uh, no. Not mean. Assertive, annoyed and still quite polite.

    Good for you Dixie!

  7. Rebekah says:

    Wow, that sucks that you were mislead. I’d be mad too.

  8. beck says:

    I think I know what bank that is. And I hate them. So much. If it is the same bank, once when Glen and I had had a VERY hard month we asked them for a $200.00 temporary overdraft on our account which would be payed within the next two weeks and could then be taken off our account. They wouldn’t give it to us. Which wouldn’t be so shocking if he and I hadn’t BOTH been working and getting paychecks that amounted to over $4000.00 deposited to that same account every month. They said we were considered a high risk loan because we had only been living and working in Yorkton a year.

  9. Linea says:

    I’ve had unpleasant experiences with several banks. I think the bottom line is that they are most interested in protecting their bottom line. The more money they get from you the more reasonable they begin to be. But when you really need them they have no interest in your difficulties. I don’t think some fees are unreasonable but they make huge profits every year and don’t seem to be suffering – although they do compare themselves to each other each year it seems.

    At least we have a banking system that works. Imagine putting your money in a bank and having your country change the currency or devalue it and then having your bank close it’s doors with all your life savings inside.

    Perspective. But if we did not ever hold them to their word maybe we would be in a similar situation. Seems like a small theft every month in the guise of unreasonable fees.

  10. Randall says:

    Um shot in the dark here but,

    why not use the Credit Union in your area? At least then you own a piece of the thing and can speak at annual meetings and actually receive some extra cash when they make money in a year.

    At least that’s what’s happened to us in PA.

  11. Dixie says:

    We will definitely think about a switch if they don’t fix this problem.

    Oh, I just checked online and they emailed back. Because Marc and I have our own (not joint) visas, I have to consent to Marc getting the rebate on our joint account, or something. Even though they told me I didn’t have to do this before.

    So, hopefully that will solve the problem.

    And, yes, I know what you mean about perspective, Linea.

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