The gods are smiling on me UPDATED

I managed a quick nap this morning after going to bed way too late last night. I cleaned the kitchen after lunch with Olivia playing in the playpen next to me. Now all three of the kids are sleeping (you gotta love sickness sometimes!), and I’m off to sit at the little desk in our kitchen to listen to something Swell and start our taxes. I’m waiting for just one more charitable receipt, but it’s a big one. Come on people! What a wonderful time of year — not to mention that it’s almost zero outside.

They’re seriously smiling on me.  Or else it pays to have kids!!  Oh, and I found the receipt.  It was in my tax file instead of Marc’s.  It didn’t seem like Compassion to not have them out right away.  (P.S.  If you don’t already, go sponsor a child.  Or if you do, go sponsor another one.)

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5 Responses to The gods are smiling on me UPDATED

  1. Simon says:

    Your totally inhuman love of doing taxes is one of the strangest personality quirks I have ever seen. And now, according to your post title, you’ve abandoned your long-held evangelical beliefs in lieu of some sort of pantheistic heresy.

    Truly, you are beyond redemption. (But mostly for that taxes thing. That’s just spooky.)

  2. Dixie says:

    You’d think I’m even stranger if you’d’ve seen me just now frantically looking for a calculator. I was desperate enough to look for our bag of leftover Operation Christmas Child odds and ends in hopes that there was a calculator that didn’t make it in one of the Christmas boxes. Maybe I have abandoned my evangelical ways — depriving the needy of calculators for the sake of doing my taxes before March 1st. But at the last second I found one on the computer desk. ALthough I was secretly looking forward to doing the taxes w/o the aid of a calculator.

  3. Simon says:

    I think it’s hot when chicks use double contractions.

    “you’d’ve” nearly makes me swoon. Way sexier than the cervical kind.

  4. Angie says:

    Wanna do my taxes?? I seriously didn’t mind doing mine until I became self-employed. Now it is just plain depressing. It is fairly straight forward (this is my third year of doing them self-employed), but I always owe. Always, always, always. I was under the false assumption if I had enough deductions that I wouldn’t owe, but that isn’t the case. I still get to pay my CPP contribution in a lump sum each year. *sigh* We haven’t started ours yet…and I always cringe when I think about it. Though we usually strive to get them done by the end of March.

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