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Choosing How I Feel

This weekend was supposed to look a lot different than it does. We were invited down to Calgary for my cousin’s birthday on Friday and since the kids were off school and I had class in Calgary on the day of the party, it all worked out well. But, add to that, my aunt and […]

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Just One Week

I leave in the morning for the last week-long course I need to do for this degree. I am so glad for that. I’m glad I get to go to Manitoba to do it. And I’m glad that it’s worked out to see a pile of different friends over the course of the eight days […]

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Neuroscience and Neon Sweatpants

In May I had the chance to sit in on a class on the psychology of emotion. A big component of the class was on neuroscience and psychology. I was part of a group that did a presentation on the neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder. (I wasn’t taking it for credit, so don’t expect me […]

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Canada Day 2013

Can’t decide which I like better! (Which picture, not which child…) Happy Canada Day! We are off to celebrate in the capital city (of our province).

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Contrived Joy/Pure Joy

So that last post showed the dandelion pictures from today, but if you go back to the dandelion post of 2008 you will see that to get a decent happy picture of the children is near impossible. Today wasn’t much different. “Look at the camera, Olivia!” “No bunny ears, Luke!” “Sit straight. Sit forward. Sit […]

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Dandelion Fields

The yearly dandelion pictures continued today in between the rain. Let’s see how much the kids have changed in 5 years. In May 2008 Madeline was 5, Luke 3, and Olivia had just turned 1. The middle pictures are our first year in Manitoba when the kiddos were 7, 5, and 3. And now this […]

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A Banner Year

Somehow it is has happened that I have not blogged about any of our kids’ birthdays since we moved. The reason for that “somehow” is, of course, that I have not been blogging at all like I used to… So tonight, as Olivia’s 6th birthday comes to a close, and as she lays here next […]

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Memory Boxes

We’re doing some cleaning on this stormy (yes, snow blizzard, Don!) day in April. And while I am on the verge of a rant on the love-hate (today more like hate-hate) relationship I have with all of our stuff, I’m going to have some self control here and go a different direction… for today. Instead, […]

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Winter Morning Adventure

We spent a very nice morning outside as a family today. Some fresh air and relaxing fun was just what we needed after kind of a long week. It definitely did me good to be out and enjoying this great land we live on. I know I haven’t taken the time to post much about […]

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The “Fastest” Way to See a Pediatrician

Luke has been home sick all week. Not *quite* how I envisioned the first week back at school for the kids. You see, he has had this strange tickle/cough since Sunday December 23rd. (I remember because I first noticed it during church. It truly is impossible to keep kids quiet during church!) Luke wasn’t sick […]

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