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Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the one day a year when I force the girls to let me do their hair the way I like. (Why, oh why, Fates, did you give the mom who loves wavy hair two girls who love their hair straightened, or even worse: unbrushed and unkempt?!) Well, there was […]

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Christmas Memories

Christmas tree decorating day, 2012. “False memories! That’s what we’re creating!” Marc commented as he looked at the above picture. And it’s true. The idyllic look of the smiling-faced children embracing around the Christmas tree was so NOT the night that we had. It began when I came in the door and spilled half of […]

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Halloween 2012

Another Halloween. This one is a little different. The kids are out and I am home! Wha?! Yep. Kind of cool. Though I feel a little too young for this. 🙂 Madeline (the dragon) is out with her friend (the dragon trainer) and is driving around the countryside with her friend’s parents. Luke is out […]

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In your anger, do not sin…

Well, that’s what Ephesians 4:26 and Psalm 4:4 say anyway. Looks like my philosophy of that today was: “In their anger, do not let your children sin; but you may sin in your anger towards your children’s anger.” Confusing? Let me explain. We have spent the past several weeks researching what kind of vehicle to […]

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One Moment

Numerous times today I’ve started a negative, complaining, blame-filled blogpost in my head. Okay. And a few times yesterday. And the day before that. This week could be summed up as one of frustrating, exhausting, indecision. It’s the kids first full week at school. That means out the door, fed, watered, and dressed by 7:35. […]

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First Days of School

This week the kids started back to school. Madeline and Luke started grade 5 and grade 2 respectively and respectably on Tuesday. This morning Olivia got on the bus with her brother and sister to go for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited. No need for us to drive her or be […]

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Morning Pictures

I sat on the couch that faces the window, my favourite place to sit in the living room — with the big window and the big field that it faces.Today, on the second day of school, Luke and Madeline were walking to the bus on their own. 7:42 pick up to arrive at school hopefully […]

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Canada Day 2012

Nice relaxing Canada Day over here. Church. Groceries. Bought a new tent for some possible camping this week. Rested in the afternoon. And a movie at my favourite theatre in Steinbach (well, it’s the only theatre in Steinbach, but it’s my favourite of all the theatres in southern Manitoba). Then Dairy Queen and fireworks. Realization […]

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Blubber Babies

Here’s all you need for instant children’s party success: – 1 slip & slide (it’s probably slip’n’slide, isn’t it?) – an ice cream pail for each child – many balloons filled with water The party will cost you about a dollar (if you already have the slip & slide — though, really, it’s probably not […]

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Five Years

Five years ago today this little beauty came into the world in a perfect way (really, you should go read her birth story!): She’s turned into a smart, sensitive, exuberant little girl whom we love very much. Happy birthday, Olivia Kate!

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