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Positive Resolutions

Well, happy new year! Last night I enjoyed reading on Facebook everyone’s best wishes and how they were ringing in the new year, and this morning there are many resolutions. I have made resolutions in the past but it’s never been something that I’ve put a lot of stock in. I have occasionally said, “I […]

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Contentment. That’s the word of the day. That’s the elusive concept that I try so hard to grasp but can never seem to hold on to. It’s been a really difficult semester of work, in many ways. Emotionally heavy content in one class. Crazy amounts of work and disorganization in the other. The kids and I have been […]

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A Week Behind & Still Moving Tomorrow

I am currently laying on the floor in an almost empty master bedroom. Most of the rooms now are almost empty. ALMOST. We picked up the moving van yesterday and starting packing it up. We had six friends come and help us and one friend watch our kids. We made good progress. But my being […]

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Sore, Sick Day

Today I am sick. I have not been this sick in a long time. I knew it was coming when I got into bed last night, and by the middle of the night my throat was so sore I could barely swallow. Got Marc up to get salt and a cup because I felt too […]

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Dying Well Means Living Well

***Almost every night I get inspired to write just before I go to bed. In fact, I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve thought through — every word — in my head as I lay in bed just not quite willing to make the effort to get up and type it out. Thinking I’ll […]

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Same Problems. Different Place.

There has been so much stress the past few weeks as we have to make decisions about the move to Alberta. Some of these decisions are hard to make from a distance. And everything just seems more difficult while living in limbo — finished in one place, but not quite done; ready for moving on, but […]

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Tonight, just as we were sitting down for the supper that was to be eaten in the half hour between my chiropractor appointment and Madeline’s soccer game, we had a little surprise. Marc and I looked up from the table and what we thought was our friend coming back with a drink to have with […]

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Things that make you go “boo hoo”

We started the day watching this YouTube video which Marc said had been going around the internet lately. Because the internet was being slow the video would pause, at which time the kids and I would make appropriate noises for the way Carrie’s mouth was shaped. “Waaaa! Shhhh! Mamamama!” It was quite entertaining. Of course […]

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On Friendship

About a month ago I had a breakdown before bed. (I’ve had a few of those lately.) But during that particular one, I said these words to Marc: “I think I’d rather go through those horrible high school days when I had no friends than have to deal with having all of these relationships!” Think […]

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The Myth of the “New”

For Lent I gave up “buying things”. I can buy food and gas (sometimes the gas is thrown in free depending on the kind of food I buy! Ba-doom Ching!), and last week I bought supplies for Luke’s birthday party. But other than that, I do not buy anything. Now, Sunday is the feast day, […]

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