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Because we are that cute.

Here’s a picture my neighbour snagged of Marc teaching me to skate the other day. I like that boy. He is very patient and caring. And fourteen years ago yesterday we started dating! Seems like forever-ago. Seems like yesterday.

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Today was a glorious day. And here’s why: We started the day with a bit of a sleep in. We went skating after breakfast — my first time on hockey skates and I caught on really well! Our friend Amanda joined us for our last bit of skating and invited us all over for lunch. […]

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Jumping Back In

We’ve been home for a good 38 hours now. My mom told me not to get myself too busy right away. But that’s really hard when there are so many things I want to get at! This morning Marc and I started working out together. Really. We’re going to do it. Regularly. For a month. […]

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A Prayer At Close of Day: After Being Out of the Trailer for 2 Weeks

Dear Lord, Now, as I muster up the courage, to lay me down to sleep, To close my eyes and ignore the movements I think I see on the floor, To close my ears from the teeny squeaky, rustling sounds I think I hear, To close my mouth, for I am a mouth breather, For […]

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New Year

Do I dare use the word “tremendous” when describing this Christmas holiday? Nothing that spectular has gone on, but what has been happening is a whole lot of rest and de-stressing, and it has been wonderful. Yes, I still dream about mice almost every night and stand in awe of the people in my family […]

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This semester. What can I say? We have finally settled into a rhythm over here. I’d like to say that it is a manageable rhythm — and it often is — but there are moments (yes, moments in each day however brief) when I get completely overwhelmed with it all. Besides getting each family member’s […]

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Eluding Justice

(If you click on the picture you’ll go to Flickr and see the things Marc has labeled on the picture.) Had to tear up our living room a bit tonight. After tearing up our bedroom all day. Last night while playing Canasta with Marc, I noticed a little brown mouse crawl out from under the […]

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And that is why there will never be world peace.

Today we took the kids to Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, partly to check out the nature playground and partly to take our annual outdoor pictures of the kids (to be put up one of these days). We had a little picnic and then set off to explore a bit of the park. First stop the […]

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A Month of Sundays

Five Sundays ago: flew home by myself from BC Four Sundays ago: flew home from BC with the family Three Sundays ago: a normal weekend, except for being home with sick kids (Yes. Now I remember. This was the weekend of the stomach bug that hit everyone in the house. How could I forget?!) Two […]

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One Week

It was a week and two hours ago that I was wandering through the MCC thrift store on my own while all the kids were at school that I suddenly realized that I really missed Marc. I was going to send him a nice text out in Summerland something to the effect of: “I love […]

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