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Love’s Recovery

(Play this while you read.  You don’t have to watch the video.) Last night, after the littlest kids were tucked in, after a long and frustrating day (did I mention school was cancelled yesterday?!), Marc and I were getting ready for the Bible study we have at our house every Thursday night. Marc was cleaning […]

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Because the boy is too shy…

… to let the interweb know the crazy amount of work he has left to do, I will. Marc typed out all of the assignments he has left between now and December 17th, just 3.5 weeks away, printed it, and brought me the paper that lists the madness: Nov 24 – Sermon Evaluations Nov 26 […]

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A Day in Lyme-Regis (a random England post)

I feel like I chose the most obscure place in England for the final and fourth leg of our journey — Lyme Regis. Unless you’ve read Persuasion or The French Lieutenant’s Woman, you likely have never heard of it. But I had high hopes for the place, we wanted to go to the sea, and […]

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Me, circa 1997

My mom’s been going through some of my grandparents’ boxes of pictures. She’s been sending me some real gems, believe me! One picture I thought was of me was actually of my oldest brother when he was a teenager (he had long hair, if that helps you see why I might’ve thought it was me). […]

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Traveling Moments

Well, we’ve been home from England for exactly one month now, and I’m pretty sure that half of you think we didn’t even go. Of the whole ten pictures we’ve put up of our trip, we could have just superimposed our faces on pictures from the internet and not gone at all… We really did […]

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I don’t understand men.

Last night at the end of Olivia’s preschool meeting I was walking over to the people who had the “Meet the Teacher” schedule sign-up sheet. As I approached, I saw a lady pointing at me, saying “That’s her. That’s your wife, right?”, to which the man (whom I’ve never seen before) says, “Well, it’s possible. […]

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Home Again

We really did make it to England and back. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. The trip went off without a hitch (after the thunderstorm in Denver that made us miss our connecting flight to London, of course). Actually, the trip went better than I ever could’ve imagined! It was, by all accounts, perfect. Not […]

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Off We Go

Tomorrow at this time we’ll be nearing the east coast of the United States, making our way towards the Atlantic Ocean and at 1pm London time (which I think is about 5 or 6am Saskatchewan time), we’ll be landing at Heathrow. Off we go, indeed. I wonder if it’s going to hit me that I’m […]

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I guess it could be many things…

First of all: I WENT FOR A RUN TONIGHT! A friend and her family are temporarily living in the trailers here and she was bringing something back to my house and was on her way out for a run. When I asked her if she’d run with me some time (because I’d like to learn […]

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Honeymoon Memories Part 1

The other morning I woke up from a dream that left me a little frazzled for the rest of the day. In the dream, it was the day Marc and I were to fly to England but we didn’t have anything ready. (Our friend’s daughter was also an Olympic swimmer, but that wasn’t really the […]

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