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Reason #1581 Why I Love Him

Yesterday driving home from the beach, wearing my short-shorts, one knee leaning on Marc, the other on the passenger door with my feet on the cooler in front of my seat, he looks down, strokes my thigh, and says “You’ve got great legs”. I chose not to argue with that. I like what he thinks […]

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It’s almost midnight and I’m waiting for Marc to get home from playing games at the neighbours. Since our husbands were otherwise engaged, a friend came over tonight and watched The Young Victoria with me. I quite enjoy that movie and both times I’ve watched it now have left me with those warm, glowy, romantic […]

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It’s All Greek to Me

Marc is currently in the middle of a month-long intensive Greek course. Two semesters-worth of classes in 19 days. Tomorrow he has a midterm. The midterm falls on his tenth day of class. He was a little daunted by the thought of learning a language in that short a time and heard many horror stories […]

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The air that I breathe and love.

We picked up kd lang’s new retrospective album “Recollection” on my birthday. I was listening to it on my way home from Winnipeg yesterday and one line of this song struck me: Making love with you has left me peaceful, warm, and tired. Can I just say that I almost laughed out loud when I […]

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Let’s take a moment to honour…

… my very sore bottom. My parents are here visiting for the weekend. (Hooray!) It’s been a great visit so far (and my mother did not burst into tears when she saw our trailer). In fact, both her and my dad commented on how homey we’d made it. Because they’re here, Marc and I decided […]

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Are you looking forward to your Greek class?

Since Monday is my birthday, Marc and I decided we better try and go out together. Date Night is showing in the theatre (with the big leather chairs and cheap popcorn) in Steinbach. So that seemed like a good choice: Date Night on date night. And maybe some German food in a small French community […]

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The Meat and Potatoes

Tonight was not pretty. You know how the saying goes, “It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings”? Well, tonight, it was like the mass choir that loudly sings out a mixture of dissonant notes while the boat in the movie is caught in a horrendous storm and the only possible ending is for all […]

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Where Our Differences Come Shining Through

Times like this morning… where we do the traditional Saturday morning sleep-in while the children make their own cereal and play and watch tv. Except after we got up this morning we had about two hours before Luke’s friends would arrive for his birthday. This wasn’t really a problem because we got most everything ready […]

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He taught me how to love.

Twelve years ago tonight at a little coffee shop attached to a bookstore, Marc (after going to the bathroom two or three times to muster up the courage) told me something. He told me he was “attracted to me”. And that’s where it started. The fact that he used that phrase was quite unusual. I’m […]

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Get Down Tonight

The semester is officially in full swing here.  It’s strange because last week I was talking like it was the beginning of the semester, and suddenly it feels like we’re running out of time. Marc did a post last night about the stress he is feeling. I could tell right off the hop this semester, […]

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