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The Gift of Presence

Tonight Marc and I finished up Season 3 of Call the Midwife. It is truly such a good, moving, and inspiring show. And I love that in this last episode they brought in some of Jennifer Worth’s interest in care of the dying. (Her book “In The Midst of Life: Is There Such a Thing […]

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To Brace Or Not To Brace

That is the question of the day. This morning Madeline and I headed up to Edmonton for a follow-up appointment for her and a consultation for me with the orthodontist. She gets to wait a year for some grown up teeth to come in before the long road of mouth reconfiguration for her. I get […]

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Putting Up Our Own Walls: My 13 Year Old Logic

I’m curious to know which of my middle school friends will remember this particular story. I’m even more curious what their thoughts were in the middle of it… Picture a small town hall with two classes of grade seven students having a dance on the last night of their class camping trip. Picture 12 and […]

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Dandelion Fields

The yearly dandelion pictures continued today in between the rain. Let’s see how much the kids have changed in 5 years. In May 2008 Madeline was 5, Luke 3, and Olivia had just turned 1. The middle pictures are our first year in Manitoba when the kiddos were 7, 5, and 3. And now this […]

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Finding *Your* Thing

Today is the first quiet morning I’ve had in… I couldn’t tell you when. I am enjoying having the house to myself and am cozily sitting in my bed in my pyjamas¬†drinking a chai tea latte that I made for myself. Olivia and her two friends will descend on the house for the afternoon in […]

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Memory Boxes

We’re doing some cleaning on this stormy (yes, snow blizzard, Don!) day in April. And while I am on the verge of a rant on the love-hate (today more like hate-hate) relationship I have with all of our stuff, I’m going to have some self control here and go a different direction… for today. Instead, […]

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I was looking through Marc’s flickr account tonight hoping to find some pictoral inspiration for a new blog design. No¬†luck. I did, however, run across a number of gems of the video and picture variety from days and years gone by. What I gleaned from that trip down memory lane? “Be happy with what you […]

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10 Years Ago Tonight

That was Marc and me on November 30, 2002 — ten years ago tonight and two weeks away from giving birth. I can hardly believe it was a decade ago that I was pregnant with Madeline! It has all gone by so fast. I remember so much of it so clearly. Yet when I really […]

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Fame for Dave

(I post this today not because it is exceptionally well-performed — one take on Marc’s lunch break, after all!– but because of the great joy that I experienced while making it.) You see, this weekend we celebrated (just a little bit early) Sinterklaas (like Dutch Christmas) with some Dutch folks from the church. We picked […]

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Christmas Memories

Christmas tree decorating day, 2012. “False memories! That’s what we’re creating!” Marc commented as he looked at the above picture. And it’s true. The idyllic look of the smiling-faced children embracing around the Christmas tree was so NOT the night that we had. It began when I came in the door and spilled half of […]

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