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“I was glad when they said to me…”

“… we’re leaving the house of the Lord.” I know.  It’s horrible. And it’s the exact opposite of what Psalm 122 says. BUT. That is exactly what was in my head when we left church this morning. It’s not like it was even the worst morning at church I’ve ever had. Not at all, in […]

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Loving Without Strings

Today after school when everyone was getting settled in the house, Luke told me that his bottom teeth hurt  when he bit into his apple at snack-time. It took me a few seconds, but then it hit me: his teeth are loose! And, sure enough, those two bottom middle teeth are wiggling. As soon as […]

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There are always reasons NOT to love.

I was just headed off to bed a minute ago but then I peeked in on the kids like I always do. As a pulled the blanket over Luke and kissed his hand that was flopped over the rail, I looked at him and thought, “There’s my little boy. Boy do I love him.” Then […]

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4,000 km later…

We’re home. We got in last night at around 11:30pm (after 3 days of driving 2,000km through 4 provinces).  Marc’s old treeplanting buddy who lives in Ireland is in Winnipeg until Tuesday. So that meant that Marc set the alarm for 7am this morning to meet up with his friend for breakfast at 8am. (He […]

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Perfect Parenting 5: Exasperation

It was just over a year ago that my perspective on parenting changed. Up until that point, I’d look at discipline in a rather unfortunate way — even more unfortunate because my children were already 6, almost 4, and almost 2 at the time. That’s a lot of years of discipline gone awry. My poor […]

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Sickness & Patience & Made-for-TV Movies

Let me be really honest. It’s been a rough day around here. This is my second day of being sick: non-stop headache, cough, sinus trouble, and general body aches. And I am just so tired. I slept in until almost 9:30am. Spent as much time as I could laying on the couch this morning. (Seeing […]

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Perfect Parenting 4: Two Stories

The other day I was going through Olivia’s overflowing pyjama drawer taking out all of the things she had outgrown. I found her Teletubby pyjamas and as I pulled them out noticed that Olivia’s “missing” pink, sparkly silly putty was actually embedded in the shirt. (This likely happened around the time I, in a moment […]

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Perfect Parenting 1: In the beginning, there were expectations.

Marc and I were young when we decided to have kids — we were pregnant with Madeline before my 22nd birthday. We’d decided before we got married that we wanted to have our kids when we were young, partially because both of our parents were “old” when they had us, and partially because once I […]

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One Year Ago

It’s exactly one year ago today that Luke was in the hospital having his tonsils/adenoids removed and getting tubes put in his ears. And, it’s kind of a horrible thing to say, but I think that day was the day I realized how much I love Luke. I mean, obviously, I love the boy. He’s […]

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Perk of Parenting

One of things I enjoy about parenting is getting to make up stories for the kids.  This morning while Luke and Olivia were in the bath I told them (at Luke’s request) a story about a snowflake. It went something like this: Once there was a snowflake. It was a beautiful snowflake and it wasn’t […]

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