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Love & Language & Faith Corners

Sometimes I feel inspired when I write a post. Sometimes I have this feeling like now is the time (and usually far too late at night) for me to get these particular thoughts out, and it all just sort of flows out of my fingertips. But tonight I don’t feel any of that. Yet, there’s […]

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Trapped in the Ideal

Is there anything worse than feeling trapped? Having to write a difficult exam because you have to be in school. Having to fulfill an obligation you hastily said “yes” to. Having to work at a job you don’t like because the bills have to be paid.  This feeling has come and gone in me over […]

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Wisdom and Sorrow

In one of my ethic’s classes in university we discussed whether or not the “collective good”, or if you want to call it the “overall happiness”, of a culture would be greater if there was one person suffering greatly somewhere (and if it would matter if everyone was aware of that person). In this example, […]

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The Dialectic of Life (AKA The Tao of Dixie)

Life is a gamble.  If you’re going to shoot for something really good, you’ll have a greater chance of getting something really bad.  Then there are things that just hover in the middle.  So, are a lot of these things worth the risk?  Here are examples of the dialectic of life, where if you’ve got the good then […]

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#4: On Mystery

Well, today it’s “The Tao of Scott Hahn found in a book by Peter Kreeft“, but it fits so well with all of this balance stuff that I think about in this “tao” of mine, that I had to put it here: “There are natural mysteries (for instance, time, life, love), just as there are […]

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Why philosophy? Why not!! (Tales of an unemployed philosopher)

It’s been over 5 years since I graduated with my philosophy (and history) degree(s).  I got half way through my Masters in philosophy when the urge to have children began.  I still sometimes regret not finishing my Masters when I was pregnant, but I figured that would be pretty hard to do — and I […]

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#3 on Your Own Children

Your own children — none are cuter or more lovable and none are more infuriating. (And this isn’t just because you love them so much.  As parents, we think are kids are the cutest kids.  But, when someone is spouting off about how their Johnny had a big fit, you can be sure that your […]

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#2 on Thanksgiving Feasts

If you carve the turkey at the table, your feast will be both more beautiful and more disgusting. (I always got mad at my mom for not carving the turkey at the table, and instead arranging the meat “just so” on a china serving plate.  I wanted the movie image of the grandfather carving the […]

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#1 in The Dialectic of Life

It’s been a little slow on the blog these days.  It seems like there’s not much time to sit and ponder and articulate all of the ideas in my head.  But, rest assured, there are ideas in there!  I’ve been meaning to start a new feature on my blog for the past several months, but just […]

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And while we're on the subject…

… of the best philospher in the history of mankind, the man whose name I would love to have tatooed on my bum, the man whose major work makes War and Peace look like a Danielle Steele paperback — let us just bask in the greatness of his mind, his philosophy, of the way he put […]

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