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Spring! I can’t believe we survived Winter!

Although Madeline is adamant about and correct in saying that “Spring does not start until Saturday!”, there is no snow on the field across the street, so I am saying it is springtime. Or at least that winter is now over. Can I just say that I cannot believe we survived the winter? I normally […]

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This afternoon Marc and I took advantage of having my parents in the same city and we did some errands. We went to our optometrists and looked at new frames. (Can you imagine how impossible it would be to keep three young kids under control while both parents looked for and purchased new frames?!) I’ve […]

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I’m not afraid to say it…

I’m the best mom in the world. Forget animal pancakes, I just cut the cheese in the shape of my child’s initial! 🙂 Seriously, though, isn’t that brilliant? I don’t know why I’ve never thought of that before. (Although my Granny used to cut out my name in block letters from the peel of Christmas […]

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For all of you who sat with me at the AGM banquet,

I’m about to chicken out again. You see, my goal of our trip to Surrey in April was to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding at the end of this month. I mean, you’d think I’d like one dress in all of metropolitan Vancouver. Apparently not. I did find one dress. It played up […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the month:

Those handful of days when I want need to make chocolate chip cookies every day around 3pm. (I should really make a double batch, but every day I tell myself, “tomorrow I’ll have self-control. We’re at day three here, so the feeling should soon pass.)

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Snow in May

Thank you, Saskatchewan. (So the kids and I came in and posted those pictures and when we came upstairs the snow had turned into this: I’m sure those snowflakes were an inch wide. And don’t worry. Luke was only outside for about 10 seconds while I took the picture.)

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Vancouver Aquarium

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Because I am days away from being 30…

I didn’t plan on doing it, but my hair really got chopped off today. And I like it. Marc really likes it. He keeps stopping and looking at me, with that look in his eye that he gets when he thinks I’m particularly cute. He always like my long hair the best. Tonight he told […]

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It’s 11pm. The traditional bedtime hour for Marc and I. If we get the lights off before 11pm on any given night, we consider it going to bed “early”. If we have the lights off after 11pm, we call it going to bed “late”. I guess when we hit it right at 11:00pm, that’s “on […]

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Buggy Bugs

This afternoon I was just starting to chop the vegetables for tonight’s soup when I noticed a tiny little spider on my kitchen counter. I did not panic. Instead I grabbed a kleenex box and bashed it several times and then flicked it off the counter into the recycle bin. Yuck. I don’t like bugs. […]

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