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It’s a small world.

One of the nice things about choosing to go to seminary in Manitoba is that we’re getting to meet a lot of bloggers. Actually. If we go back five years now, you have Marc (new to the blogworld) running across Randall‘s blog, which lead to Marc checking out Gateway, he and Randall going out for […]

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Just so you know…

Blogging has been on the back-burner lately. Or at least the kind of blogging that takes any thought effort besides rehashing the events of the day. Sorry about that. I’m still growing and learning new things (probably more now than ever), just in the context of extreme busyness and always on the verge of total […]

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Normal Bellies

Not sure how many of you caught the anonymous comment on my Woman Body post, which linked me to this post which then linked to a site called The Belly Project. And all I can say is “Brilliant”. (And “Thank you!” to the anonymous commenter.) A couple years ago a friend mentioned that if there […]

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Did I mention that I’m the co-organizer of this year’s ladies’ retreat at our church? And since the other co-organizer is in the States until the week of the retreat, I guess that makes me the organizer. And the retreat is in just over two weeks. What am I supposed to be doing for this […]

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The Names

A little Friday entertainment, first found at Heather’s blog.  (How could I not do this with a name like “Dixie”? There are lots of good ones here, but I think I like my Soap Opera name the best — well, after the Gangsta Name, of course.)  Feel free to put your 9 Names in the […]

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First & Last Lines

Got this meme from Melanie of The Indextrious Reader (great book reviews!).  On her blog she just did first lines for each month.  But since my first lines were pretty boring, I thought I’d see how I started and finished each month.  The best closing line was June (although February is along the same lines).   […]

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Open House Review

Well that’s done.  The Open House last night was a lot of fun.  Lots of laughter (when Janet and I start playing MadGab things are always good).  And lots of food.  Like way too much food.  I said I could’ve hosted the Alliance Church (or one of the other big, big churches in town).  We […]

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Open House Webcam

So, ya, if you didn’t know enough about me already, now you can watch the goings-on of our Open House tonight — over at Marc’s blog.  Check it out.  And, if you live in town, please stop by.  We’re in the book.  And it totally didn’t occur to me to invite our friends.  What was […]

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And then tomorrow…

It’s 8:15pm, the kids are all settled in bed.  Marc was home late from the church, and I decided to start four loads of laundry at 4:30pm.  Plus I actually made a real supper tonight.  “Why is this interesting?”, you ask.  Well, because tomorrow from 2pm to 9 or 10pm, we’re opening our house up.  […]

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Domain Name

Last night I dreamt that I somehow had the inside scoop on the death of one of the members of the British monarchy.  The British papers and tabloids picked up the story and it was everywhere — on every newpaper and even on packages at the supermarket.  I walked through one grocery store and there […]

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