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Random snippets from this morning’s dreams.

And yes, I did write them on a scrap paper when Luke got up to pee at 6:30am . Apparently I was so moved by a particular episode of Newhart that I kissed George Utley gently on the lips. (Not sure how he ended up in my parents’ family room but there he was.) And […]

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Runaway Dreams

I’m sitting here waiting for Luke’s dvd choice is finished, so I can put on Olivia’s choice. And, yes, the amount of tv the kids are watching is directly proportionate to how sick we all still are. Luke has thrown up at least once a day since Friday. (ugh…) So the tv goes on just […]

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Failures & Forgiveness

I had quite the dream last night. Okay, I have strange, extremely detailed dreams every night (and you should all be glad that you don’t get the play by play every morning over your coffee and muffin), but the one from last night needs to be shared, I think. It started off with a giant […]

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The last thing I need to start doing.

Last night, an hour or two after I fell asleep (which was about three hours after we turned the light out), I sprang out of bed and started trying to pick up something that fell near the closet.  I was struggling to find it when I heard Marc saying, “What are you doing?!”  Immediately I […]

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Domain Name

Last night I dreamt that I somehow had the inside scoop on the death of one of the members of the British monarchy.  The British papers and tabloids picked up the story and it was everywhere — on every newpaper and even on packages at the supermarket.  I walked through one grocery store and there […]

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Magic Blankets & Sweet Dreams

My sister-in-law has made blankets for each of my kids’ births.  Olivia’s is like an afghan.  Or it is an afghan.  I don’t know.  Anyway, it has “holes” in it.  Intentional holes.  (My apologies.  I don’t think I’ve fully woken up yet this morning… and I’m not up on my “crafty” lingo.)  It’s soft and […]

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Getting Red-dy

For the past two weeks I’ve had these reoccurring dreams that it’s Halloween and I’ve completely forgotten about it.  Trick or treaters showing up at the door and I have no candy.  The kids wanting to go out and there are no costumes.  Strange.  Especially since I don’t care that much about Halloween. My only […]

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Love & Loss & Redemption

The other night I had a dream that I was pregnant with our fourth child.  I was going for the ultrasound, and as soon as the wand thing hit my belly it was clear that we were having a boy.  I was so excited.  Two of each, plus we have a boy’s name picked out!  […]

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Little Remembrances

I shouldn’t be posting right now.  I should be having a shower and going to bed.  But I just need to say this… Last night was a short night of sleep, so the hours that I got were of the really deep, intense kind.  At one point I woke up for just a few seconds […]

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More Dreams

Right before I woke up this morning, I had another dream about — what else?– Granny.  (Although she wasn’t directly in this dream, though she was in another one in the night.)  And this one freaked me out so much, I had to get Marc to hold me afterward! In the dream I was at […]

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