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Darcy, Elizabeth, and Not Knowing

I’m reading Pride and Prejudice for, I don’t know, the sixth or seventh time. I had just sat down (my feet comfortably resting on an ever-growing pile of clean laundry on my bed) and was at the scene where Darcy proposes to Elizabeth when I found myself thinking,”Don’t forget. They get married in the end. […]

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Why does it hurt to remember favourite things?

I confess. I found “The Sound of Music on Oprah” on YouTube today and I watched the whole show. (Yes, I had Nicole’s permission to do this, after our serendipidous moment yesterday.) As the show was beginning I was certain that I was going to cry the whole way through. It just brought back way […]

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People We Are Meant to Meet

There are some people it seems you are “meant” to meet. Like that guy up there, sitting between Marc and I in our living room tonight. That’s our friend Darren. We became fast friends with Darren and his wife Mel the first year Marc and I were married. And boy! Did we have some good times […]

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The Steps of St. Paul’s

The first full day we had in England we took one of those double decker bus tours of London, where you can get on and off the bus at any point that interests you. The first place we got off the bus was St. Paul’s cathedral. I wanted to see it, but it wasn’t until […]

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Day 5

The last day of the class was also the first day that I slept in since leaving home 8 days ago. I woke up at 8:20 after a restless night of sleep. Class started at 9am and I had to shower, get ready, and pack up all of my stuff from my cousin’s house. I […]

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Day 4

Presentation day! It went really well. I kept my top on (and, yes, Marc did send me a text message asking me if I did).  My partner and I both had connections to Haiti. People her family knows were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake and we showed clips of a video of […]

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Day 3

Day 3. And what did my day consist of? A discussion on how to man telephone crisis lines, a presentation on suicide, a depressing video of the world trade centre bombings, followed by a look at the definition of trauma, and, to end the day (that went an hour longer than normal), a presentation on domestic violence. […]

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It’s almost midnight and I’m waiting for Marc to get home from playing games at the neighbours. Since our husbands were otherwise engaged, a friend came over tonight and watched The Young Victoria with me. I quite enjoy that movie and both times I’ve watched it now have left me with those warm, glowy, romantic […]

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My Musical Roots

Today I had the urge to put on the video from when my folks and I went to the Stamps Baxter School of Music back in 1998. When Marc saw the video and saw me up there conducting he made some comment about that not being the person he married. It probably was the person […]

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Bon Appetit!

This was Olivia and I at lunch today. She came inside before the other kids and was really hungry, so we snuggled up on the couch and she ate while I read to her from the book I’m currently reading: Julia Child’s “My Life in France”. I’m really enjoying it. (Olivia’s enjoying it too. I […]

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