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Canada Day 2013

Can’t decide which I like better! (Which picture, not which child…) Happy Canada Day! We are off to celebrate in the capital city (of our province).

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Dandelion Fields

The yearly dandelion pictures continued today in between the rain. Let’s see how much the kids have changed in 5 years. In May 2008 Madeline was 5, Luke 3, and Olivia had just turned 1. The middle pictures are our first year in Manitoba when the kiddos were 7, 5, and 3. And now this […]

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What kind of a mother am I?

Sometimes I wonder if other people have a better grasp on the kind of mother I am than I do… Early in our parenting career Marc and I were pretty aware of the kind of parents we were — or maybe the kind of parents we weren’t. From our small circle of parent-friends whom we knew […]

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A Banner Year

Somehow it is has happened that I have not blogged about any of our kids’ birthdays since we moved. The reason for that “somehow” is, of course, that I have not been blogging at all like I used to… So tonight, as Olivia’s 6th birthday comes to a close, and as she lays here next […]

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First World Parenting Problems

It is a privilege to be annoyed with your kids. That may seem like a strange and backward concept, but lately I’ve been realizing that — strange and backward as it really is — it is very true. Take last night for instance… Wednesdays are the nights that Marc is at youth all evening. He […]

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We made a choice when we moved to Alberta to try not to over-extend ourselves this first year. Marc said “no” to a few fun extra things, I decided not to do my practicum internship in our first year here, and we decided not to put the kids in any extra curricular activities. We did this because […]

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God in the Ordinary Day

This week it’s all been about Olivia. Olivia broke out in a fever and a very sore throat Friday night. By Sunday morning she had a rash on her body. She and I snuck into the church just in time to be there for Marc’s installation service and then we snuck out so as not […]

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Things that Go Bump in the Night

That would be me, apparently. In the middle of the night last night, Olivia woke up crying in pain from a sore throat. I shot out of bed at her first sound. I got up so fast that Marc didn’t even know I’d gone until he heard Olivia cry again a minute later when I […]

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Winter Morning Adventure

We spent a very nice morning outside as a family today. Some fresh air and relaxing fun was just what we needed after kind of a long week. It definitely did me good to be out and enjoying this great land we live on. I know I haven’t taken the time to post much about […]

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Positive Resolutions

Well, happy new year! Last night I enjoyed reading on Facebook everyone’s best wishes and how they were ringing in the new year, and this morning there are many resolutions. I have made resolutions in the past but it’s never been something that I’ve put a lot of stock in. I have occasionally said, “I […]

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