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Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the one day a year when I force the girls to let me do their hair the way I like. (Why, oh why, Fates, did you give the mom who loves wavy hair two girls who love their hair straightened, or even worse: unbrushed and unkempt?!) Well, there was […]

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Contentment. That’s the word of the day. That’s the elusive concept that I try so hard to grasp but can never seem to hold on to. It’s been a really difficult semester of work, in many ways. Emotionally heavy content in one class. Crazy amounts of work and disorganization in the other. The kids and I have been […]

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Reflections on a Winter Morning

There’s nothing like winter to make you want to hold tight to the people you love. And there’s nothing like winter to force you to recognize that as tight as you hold on, your grip is very loose… like you don’t even have a hold on them at all. I had Madeline home sick for 2.5 […]

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10 Years Ago Tonight

That was Marc and me on November 30, 2002 — ten years ago tonight and two weeks away from giving birth. I can hardly believe it was a decade ago that I was pregnant with Madeline! It has all gone by so fast. I remember so much of it so clearly. Yet when I really […]

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Christmas Memories

Christmas tree decorating day, 2012. “False memories! That’s what we’re creating!” Marc commented as he looked at the above picture. And it’s true. The idyllic look of the smiling-faced children embracing around the Christmas tree was so NOT the night that we had. It began when I came in the door and spilled half of […]

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Our Morning Routine

We have settled nicely into our morning “feed and dress the children and get them on the bus by 7:38am” routine. I was a little worried that come winter we’d have to take away a few minutes of sleep because of how much winter gear needs to be put on, but ski pants don’t really […]

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Happy Birthday Dad!

On the Remembrance Day weekend the kids and I braved the roads in between snow storms to head to Prince Albert for a surprise visit to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday. My siblings and I had been planning this for a few months. My brother secretly booked a flight home from Vancouver. My brother and […]

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The Picture That Will Go Down in History

It seems as though Don would like to know more about this place in Alberta that we’ve moved to. At the beginning of August, Marc started as associate pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church, which is a part of our denomination the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. We currently live in a big house (yahoo!) in […]

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Halloween 2012

Another Halloween. This one is a little different. The kids are out and I am home! Wha?! Yep. Kind of cool. Though I feel a little too young for this. 🙂 Madeline (the dragon) is out with her friend (the dragon trainer) and is driving around the countryside with her friend’s parents. Luke is out […]

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In your anger, do not sin…

Well, that’s what Ephesians 4:26 and Psalm 4:4 say anyway. Looks like my philosophy of that today was: “In their anger, do not let your children sin; but you may sin in your anger towards your children’s anger.” Confusing? Let me explain. We have spent the past several weeks researching what kind of vehicle to […]

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