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A Good Mother

Olivia usually falls asleep in our bed at night. Some nights she’ll look at books until she’s tired, but a lot of nights I will lay down with her, scratch her back, and make up a song about her and her imaginery pet cat. Last night she wanted to tell stories. But, in a rather out-of-character moment, […]

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“I was glad when they said to me…”

“… we’re leaving the house of the Lord.” I know.  It’s horrible. And it’s the exact opposite of what Psalm 122 says. BUT. That is exactly what was in my head when we left church this morning. It’s not like it was even the worst morning at church I’ve ever had. Not at all, in […]

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We are home. We somehow did the 900km drive in under 9 hours and with only one stop yesterday, which felt like a total gift and treat after a rather blah, illness-filled Christmas. We have today to get groceries and unpack our clothes and gifts and just generally get settled. The kids don’t go back to […]

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Loving Without Strings

Today after school when everyone was getting settled in the house, Luke told me that his bottom teeth hurt  when he bit into his apple at snack-time. It took me a few seconds, but then it hit me: his teeth are loose! And, sure enough, those two bottom middle teeth are wiggling. As soon as […]

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There are always reasons NOT to love.

I was just headed off to bed a minute ago but then I peeked in on the kids like I always do. As a pulled the blanket over Luke and kissed his hand that was flopped over the rail, I looked at him and thought, “There’s my little boy. Boy do I love him.” Then […]

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You Can Do Both

I watched Mona Lisa Smile last night. I’d seen it once before, but didn’t remember much of it. One scene in particular stuck out to me. This one right here (the first two minutes): Now, I don’t normally talk about things that may be deemed controversial on here (or maybe I do and just don’t […]

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Being Myself

Marc made a comment the other day about whether there’s “something in our house” because as soon as we get home (from vacation, etc) we immediately go back to the cranky, messy, disorganized people we don’t want to be. I said that it’s not the house. I think it’s that when you’re on vacation you […]

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Grrr. Double-D Grrr.

Well, summer is almost here. Sure it seems like it rains every day and you can never trust the forecast, but we did make it to the beach one evening earlier this week. And with summer comes summer apparel. This year it also means Marc’s and my tenth anniversary trip to England, which I had […]

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Mother’s Day 2010

And we went to the zoo. (These kids are growing up way too fast.) Oh, and then we went for a walk down by the river. Just Olivia fell in the mud, thankfully.

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Sickness & Patience & Made-for-TV Movies

Let me be really honest. It’s been a rough day around here. This is my second day of being sick: non-stop headache, cough, sinus trouble, and general body aches. And I am just so tired. I slept in until almost 9:30am. Spent as much time as I could laying on the couch this morning. (Seeing […]

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