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We made a choice when we moved to Alberta to try not to over-extend ourselves this first year. Marc said “no” to a few fun extra things, I decided not to do my practicum internship in our first year here, and we decided not to put the kids in any extra curricular activities. We did this because […]

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Things that Go Bump in the Night

That would be me, apparently. In the middle of the night last night, Olivia woke up crying in pain from a sore throat. I shot out of bed at her first sound. I got up so fast that Marc didn’t even know I’d gone until he heard Olivia cry again a minute later when I […]

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Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the one day a year when I force the girls to let me do their hair the way I like. (Why, oh why, Fates, did you give the mom who loves wavy hair two girls who love their hair straightened, or even worse: unbrushed and unkempt?!) Well, there was […]

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The Picture That Will Go Down in History

It seems as though Don would like to know more about this place in Alberta that we’ve moved to. At the beginning of August, Marc started as associate pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church, which is a part of our denomination the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. We currently live in a big house (yahoo!) in […]

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We really are here.

It has been twelve days since we left Manitoba with a moving van full of boxes. Despite being very tired for the 1,600km drive and that I didn’t bother to look for the chords for the portable dvd player for the kids to watch movies on the road, we all travelled well. The evening we […]

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Today was our last Sunday at Faith Covenant Church in Winnipeg, our church for the past three years. One of the reasons we chose Providence in the first place was because of its proximity to a Covenant church. (Though, in retrospect, I wouldn’t call an hour and twenty minutes round trip each Sunday such “close” […]

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Good-Byes Beginning

It’s been almost a month now since the good-byes began for us out here in Manitoba. One Saturday in mid June we had a moving party for Luke and his classmates at a friend’s place — graciously offered by his friend’s mom. In fact, the party was her idea in the first place! Likely none […]

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The Good News!

Well, we’ve known for about a week now, but just haven’t quite gotten around to saying it on the internet yet… This summer we are moving to this province: That’s right. Last Sunday we received the news that Marc received a unanimous vote to be the associate/family pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church. The church […]

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Tonight, just as we were sitting down for the supper that was to be eaten in the half hour between my chiropractor appointment and Madeline’s soccer game, we had a little surprise. Marc and I looked up from the table and what we thought was our friend coming back with a drink to have with […]

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The days go by…

I cannot get out of my head the fact that Marc no longer has to go to the library. Yesterday I was reading outside while Olivia and her friend played in the field. When Marc came out, I thought, “Marc’s off to the library.” It took me a while to realize — no. No he’s […]

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