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My first day as a student.

Yesterday I was given access to my online Foundations of Counseling course. I familiarized myself with the website and all of the things it does and all of the things I will do on there. Then I listened to the first introductory lecture (while doing Scrabble turns on Facebook and leg lifts in the computer […]

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What we do on Sundays.

In an attempt to break the monotony of living on a college campus, here’s how our Sundays look. As long as there is no snow on the ground, we’ve decided to do the following every Sunday: Go to church. (We’re out the door by 9:15am to get to the 10am service in Winnipeg. We drive […]

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The Weekend & The Future

So this past weekend we drove the 800km to what will be our new home in Manitoba. We saw the campus at Providence and bought ourselves an 1,100 square foot mobile home to house our family in for the next 3 years. We have to downsize so much. There won’t even be room for dressers […]

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Worlds Colliding

Last weekend in Surrey was a very strange time for me, most notably the time I spent at the events for the Covenant Annual General Meeting. It was like all of these different  world were colliding; I don’t think I realized it until the end of the weekend. There were people there from our home […]

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The News

Okay, I’ve been alluding to big changes coming for Marc and I for awhile now. I haven’t been hiding it; we’ve just been waiting to know if it was “for sure”. Yesterday at noon Marc came home to his acceptance letter to Providence Theological Seminary (which is just south of Winnipeg) where he will be […]

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Because it’s going to be a busy weekend.

I haven’t posted in a few days. Not sure why. Had some good days and some really tiring days. Just doing other things I guess, and trying to keep my head on straight. After school today I head over to the Alliance church to practice one more time for the ladies’ retreat going on there […]

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I’m the sigh.

I lead worship tomorrow. I have to be at the church early. I shouldn’t be doing a post when 11pm is quickly approaching. I’m sitting in the bed here with my copy of the service beside me. I’m wondering what scripture passage to use to bridge two parts of the service. But I’m just feeling […]

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Just thinking.

Well, the ladies’ retreat was good. Very good. Instead of wimpering around and feeling like I had nothing to offer the ladies, I realized again that I really do enjoy leading people, getting things organized, and keeping it all interesting for people. It was a good weekend. So many laughs and so many opportunities for […]

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I leave in less than three hours for the church’s ladies’ retreat. Another weekend away. This should be my dream, right? Sort of. If you put aside the fact that I am the retreat co-ordinator, m.c., and worship leader, the weekend should be something to look forward to. Actually, even with all of those things […]

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How do they know?

I guess I should expect it.  In fact, it’s almost comical — like the Sunday I had to stay home with Luke because of his tonsils and I was looking forward to laying in my bed with him and watching Wall-E, and of course he (the boy who would watch Wall-E  five times a day […]

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