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Contentment. That’s the word of the day. That’s the elusive concept that I try so hard to grasp but can never seem to hold on to. It’s been a really difficult semester of work, in many ways. Emotionally heavy content in one class. Crazy amounts of work and disorganization in the other. The kids and I have been […]

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Cheers and Tears and Authoritarian Fears

I didn’t get into a whole lot of trouble when I was a kid. I don’t know how much trouble I deserved, but it was probably more than what I got. I responded to said “trouble” in two distinct ways: I rebelled or I cried. A few examples… In grade 5, I made a sarcastic […]

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The Picture That Will Go Down in History

It seems as though Don would like to know more about this place in Alberta that we’ve moved to. At the beginning of August, Marc started as associate pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church, which is a part of our denomination the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. We currently live in a big house (yahoo!) in […]

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Pieces of Me

I was reminded tonight of an experience I had earlier in the year — kind of a strange but cool experience that I just never took the time to share: As part of my practicum classes we have to go for personal counseling. I took my second practicum in the summer. I started my personal […]

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Sex & Intimacy & Connection

I am currently working on a paper about why the relationship of counselor and counselee is more susceptible to sexual (mis)conduct than other professional relationships. (There is not a high percentage of people who, for example, “jump” their plumbers no matter how good they may look bending over those pipes.) My own theory going into […]

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Why I’m An Introvert

I am a pretty friendly, talkative person. (I also like to overshare, if you haven’t noticed.) That’s why people often don’t realize that I’m an introvert. I’m a “not-shy introvert.” That’s a real thing, by the way. I love quiet. I attended a spiritual retreat a few weekends ago and one of the people commented […]

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One Moment

Numerous times today I’ve started a negative, complaining, blame-filled blogpost in my head. Okay. And a few times yesterday. And the day before that. This week could be summed up as one of frustrating, exhausting, indecision. It’s the kids first full week at school. That means out the door, fed, watered, and dressed by 7:35. […]

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I’m taking two counselling courses this semester. One I’m looking forward to. The other one not so much. Okay… not at all. So far I find myself running away and looking for anything else to do but start that particular course and the tedious and elementary tasks that have been thus far assigned. I need […]

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Voley Voley Videos

Getting caught up on the two years of home videos that have been on the video camera… Ran across this gem today: Almost can’t watch that. We walked in the from Christmas holidays and a seven hour drive, at 10 o’clock at night to that little guy on the kids’ Lego village. The worst was that […]

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Tonight, just as we were sitting down for the supper that was to be eaten in the half hour between my chiropractor appointment and Madeline’s soccer game, we had a little surprise. Marc and I looked up from the table and what we thought was our friend coming back with a drink to have with […]

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