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The days go by…

I cannot get out of my head the fact that Marc no longer has to go to the library. Yesterday I was reading outside while Olivia and her friend played in the field. When Marc came out, I thought, “Marc’s off to the library.” It took me a while to realize — no. No he’s […]

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Graduation 2012

This morning Marc graduated from seminary with his Masters of Divinity. (Like I’ve been saying the past three years, “Lord Voldemort better watch out!”) This is what Marc got after the recessional was over… a very long, tear-filled hug. It’s almost hard to believe that these three years of hard work are all over. I’m […]

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Pain. Papers. Poop.

Something is wrong. Since late fall I’ve been experiencing chest pains that come and go. Sometimes they stay for a few days. Sometimes they are movement activated. Sometimes there are just flashes of pain. I had these a bit when Marc and I were first married. After getting an EKG, the doctor established back then […]

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Onion with Christ

I am not a doodler. (I remember as a kid watching my mom talk on the phone and seeing her doodle the most elaborate arrows in the corners of paper, going over and over them until they were so dark they almost broke the paper. Marc is also a doodler. I bought him a box […]

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Today was a glorious day. And here’s why: We started the day with a bit of a sleep in. We went skating after breakfast — my first time on hockey skates and I caught on really well! Our friend Amanda joined us for our last bit of skating and invited us all over for lunch. […]

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Something Good

In my Spiritual Formation class this morning, we did a memorization exercise for John 15:16. You did not choose me but I chose you, and appointed you to go and bear fruit — fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. At the end of the exercise, […]

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Beds and Dirt and the Body of Christ

A bit of a rough day in these parts, today. The kids had a sleepover last night and they are being total bears today because of it. I guess it’s been a long week for all of us, getting back into scheduled, school life. There’s been crankiness all around. And when these days happen, I […]

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Jumping Back In

We’ve been home for a good 38 hours now. My mom told me not to get myself too busy right away. But that’s really hard when there are so many things I want to get at! This morning Marc and I started working out together. Really. We’re going to do it. Regularly. For a month. […]

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A Prayer At Close of Day: After Being Out of the Trailer for 2 Weeks

Dear Lord, Now, as I muster up the courage, to lay me down to sleep, To close my eyes and ignore the movements I think I see on the floor, To close my ears from the teeny squeaky, rustling sounds I think I hear, To close my mouth, for I am a mouth breather, For […]

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Hello! I am typing from my aunt and uncle’s place in Regina while they prepare my family and me a delicious meal. The perks of being on vacation are finally coming back to me. The past month has been extremely crazy. Yes, it feels like a lot of the past months have been crazy. But […]

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