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Taxes are like sex…

You spend the whole time anticipating the end and when you get there it’s always too soon. (Okay, not a perfect analogy. But, you get my drift. I mean, I did Marc’s taxes in 10 minutes while kneeling on the floor in our room with Madeline sick in bed, Olivia crawling all around, and Luke […]

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The gods are smiling on me UPDATED

I managed a quick nap this morning after going to bed way too late last night. I cleaned the kitchen after lunch with Olivia playing in the playpen next to me. Now all three of the kids are sleeping (you gotta love sickness sometimes!), and I’m off to sit at the little desk in our […]

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If you’re like me,

You’ll want to keep an eye on this blog.  What does happen when a family does not shop for a year?!  (This link takes you to her first post on the matter.)

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End of Year Reminder

It’s the last week of December. And I am here to remind you all again to get your charity donations in by December 31st. Sure, part of the appeal is for tax purposes… But the main part is that it is just good to give. We all have so much and there are millions of […]

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This is Dixie mad!

I thought I’d blogged about the annoying mess we got into with our bank when we were offered to “up” our chequing account package to something fancier and FREE because we were such “loyal customers”, but I guess I didn’t. Long story short: I was terribly excited about free, unlimited banking. Then a lady at […]

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It's Friday morning, do you know where your mortgage money's going?

The other day I finally got everything settled and corrected regarding our mortgage payments and the mistake that was taking forever to be fixed by the bank.  In the end, $1,200 should’ve come out of our account and only $480 did.  So that’s $720 that should’ve been paid on our mortgage, and we’re all about getting […]

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That's fast math.

When we bought our Sienna we were forced to go from the cramped Used offices, past the fancy, spacious New showroom, to the financing department.  We were not enticed to buy a new vehicle, although having two strollers in an office the size of a handicapped washroom stall in the Used side was a bit […]

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Dear Marc and Dixie's Bank,

Today is the 4th time I’ve called to tell you to let you know that you still have us on the wrong mortgage repayment schedule.  Since we purchased our new home 2.5 times as much money should’ve come off our mortgage than has, because of your error and slowness in action.  You have still not […]

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Money: It's All Relative

Okay, I kind of left you guys hanging with that credit card post last week.  I felt like I should get something onto the blog but I was still sick, so I thought I’d see where that little post would go.  I love all of these new shows out about getting people’s finances back in […]

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Talk amongst yourselves… I'll give you a topic:

Isn’t buying something with a credit card and then not paying the complete amount off when it is due like buying something with a big sign above it saying: "Buy today and pay 20% more!!!"?  Discuss.

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