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I guess it could be many things…

First of all: I WENT FOR A RUN TONIGHT! A friend and her family are temporarily living in the trailers here and she was bringing something back to my house and was on her way out for a run. When I asked her if she’d run with me some time (because I’d like to learn […]

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The Wind Beneath Our Dreams

This morning Luke and I were at the table eating our toast and I asked him if he had had dreams last night. Usually his answer to that question is one word: “I dreamded Superman” or “I dreamded Batman”. No explanation. Just the superhero name. Today his answer was “I dreamded flying”. (Yes, one of […]

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Every morning (well, almost every morning), I spend 3.5 minutes putting on make-up: under eye concealer (very necessary!), some mineral powder, a bit of blush, eyeshadow, and some eye-liner and mascara. In the end, you can’t really tell I’m wearing make-up, but I do look less tired.  Marc likes the natural look and I’m not […]

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Spring! I can’t believe we survived Winter!

Although Madeline is adamant about and correct in saying that “Spring does not start until Saturday!”, there is no snow on the field across the street, so I am saying it is springtime. Or at least that winter is now over. Can I just say that I cannot believe we survived the winter? I normally […]

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Little Shadows

We’ve been noticing the personalities of our kids lately. Not that we haven’t before, but maybe it’s the close quarters that bring it all out. In the past we’ve seen Madeline as being like me because she’s really particular about things. And, Luke, well he just looks so much like Marc that we automatically think […]

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Move that boogie body!

Okay. I’ll admit it. This afternoon I sat down and read five pages and was done. It’s been a little rough and stressful around here these days. However, I think all of the stress just melted away because of some boogie bodies. I just happened to click on a blog from another blog and half […]

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I think this says it all:

Borrowed this old book from a friend last night. Her dad (who has a masters in counseling) gave his copy to her when she first became a parent and said she wanted the best book he’d recommend on parenting. I put it on my bedside table last night. The kids were reading their own books […]

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I wrote this post really quickly while making supper tonight. At the time it felt kind of whimsical and inspired. But when I explained that to Marc just now (six hours later) and told him that the subject was “all the things I smelled on the way to the skating rink” it felt decidedly less […]

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Perk of Parenting

One of things I enjoy about parenting is getting to make up stories for the kids.  This morning while Luke and Olivia were in the bath I told them (at Luke’s request) a story about a snowflake. It went something like this: Once there was a snowflake. It was a beautiful snowflake and it wasn’t […]

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I woke Marc up in the middle of the night last night because I was pretty sure I’d heard squeaking coming from our master bedroom closet. He told me, half-awake, that it was just the furnace. I don’t think it was. I heard the squeaking after the furnace turned off. I don’t think the mice […]

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