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Okay, I’ve been alluding to big changes coming for Marc and I for awhile now. I haven’t been hiding it; we’ve just been waiting to know if it was “for sure”. Yesterday at noon Marc came home to his acceptance letter to Providence Theological Seminary (which is just south of Winnipeg) where he will be getting his Masters of Divinity which is what he needs to become an ordained pastor with the Covenant denomination.

Wow. That was a big sentence.

All it means is that we are moving to southern Manitoba for the next three years for Marc to go to school. (I’m very excited to meet all of the Manitoba blog mommies!) We’re moving this summer. And in a few weeks we’ll have a really nice house on a quiet street in Prince Albert for sale (I’m just saying…). And we are officially looking to rent something big enough for a family of five in the Otterburne/Niverville/Steinbach area.

I’m excited. It’s a big change and it changes everything for us. It is the next step for Marc becoming a pastor. And if Marc is going to become a pastor we will have to become accustomed to uprooting our family and living with a certain level of uncertainty and continually recognizing what is important to us.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately, as I look around this house (which we so recently “up-sized” into) — what is important? While I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to have things and I don’t need to feel guilty about it all, I think, “what is important enough to me that I am willing to drag it across the country?” And it’s hard not to get mad at myself for all of the things that I’ve bought that are not important to me — that tried to fill some void that cannot be filled by random Walmart crap.

And it’s also made me think about ties. My ties are to Marc and the kids. We are the ones moving on together in life. Like it’s the five of us taking on the world. And it is a strange feeling. Knowing that the family and friends you spent your time with and relied on won’t physically be there with you anymore. Sure, new ties will be made, but it just makes the impermanence of everything so much more evident, while at the same time making me realize that Marc and the kids and I are in this together.

So, that’s the news. Sometimes it’s pretty overwhelming, but I know it will all be fine in the end.

And, seriously, if anyone needs a 1,500 square foot house in a really great neighbourhood… just give me a call! We’ll give you a good deal.

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  1. Paula says:


  2. Carmen says:

    Congratulations Dixie! I’m so happy for you and your family and excited about where this journey will take you. Your future will be one full of excitement I’m sure. I can’t wait to read about it in your blog. I wish you all the best of luck 🙂
    p.s. and if I hear of anyone looking for a house in PA I will send them your way!!

  3. Mr. C.C. says:

    That is some big news. It will be a big adjustment, but there will some people like Mark Jensen, Matthew, Gavin Jensen, and Greg Jensen all in Winnipeg and area. So at least you won’t feel so out of place. This will be a good experience. My song “One My Way To Manitoba” seems appropriate for a time like this.

  4. ang says:

    Good for you guys!

  5. becky says:

    Dixie, you guys should talk to Jerry — he went to Providence for his undergrad and started his MDiv there. He may be able to give you guys some tips of what to look out for!

    Best of luck to you guys on this new chapter.

  6. Jobina says:

    like I wrote on Marc’s blog, we’d love to get together with you guys for a “welcome to Manitoba” supper! It’s such a big adventure/challenge that you guys are taking on but there are so many benefits too. I’m excited for you and super excited to actually, possibly meet you and your kids!

  7. Maryanne says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you guys! I’m glad that we came to see you in your house in PA last summer while you were still in PA! And we’ll be praying for you all as you move, and sell, and start this new life.

  8. Collette says:

    congratulations! super exciting! moving is exhausting, but it’s good for getting rid of stuff and also pushing you into unfamiliar situations where you get to grow. as a kid we moved lots and I’ve always felt grateful for it.


  9. Bonnie says:

    Congrats!! Dont’ forget I’ll take the highchair for sure and possibly the crib and mattress if your getting rid of it!

  10. Ruthie says:

    here’s one blog mommy that’s looking forward to meeting you!!!

  11. Rayna says:

    Wow and congratulations! I am excited for you guys – this new big step and the move and all. It is certainly exciting and scary all at once. Being farther from family is hard, but I know that you will do good. It is about the ties that you have to your family – the 5 of you. And in ministry, where you could be anywhere, it does make you rely all the more on that family.
    Providence, huh? My uncle is the interim seminary dean there – Stan Hamm.

  12. Karla says:

    Way to go for taking a risk! You’re in this together – all 5 of you! That’s kind of neat, isn’t it??

    From a Winnipeg momma who thinks it would be pretty neat to meet you too!

  13. Way back when I went directly from college to seminary at 22, we saw families your age beginning to come after tasting life and career for a few years. We had kids on campus everywhere. I will enjoy your adventure with you, hoping you still stay online. I hope Seminary is a rich experience.

    Pastor Don in AZ

  14. SharonK says:

    Here goes another 5 to Manitoba. If Gateway does nothing else, it sends out great disciples!

    We’re excited for your move and for God’s working in all of this, Dixie. You will make a great duo in the kingdom work.

    We’re also sad to have you leave us…that goes without saying.

    May the Lord watch over you and keep you….:-)

  15. Heather says:

    I too am looking forward to meeting you!! Blessings as you transition…

  16. mam V. says:

    Will pray for you and Marc for wisdom and strength with all the coming changes, preparations and parting from family , packing, sorting it may sometimes be overwhelming . May the Lord guide you step by step.

  17. Nicole says:

    What an adventure! Hope we get to meet along the way. Enjoy the purging, organizing and packing … you’re about the only other person I know who might enjoy it as much as I 😉

  18. Hi Dixie and Marc:

    I am the Provost at Providence. I found your post on Google and wanted to say we are excited that you are joining us this Fall. I remember heading to Seminary in the Summer of 1976. It was the beginning of what so far has been a thirty-three year great adventure.

    Dave Johnson

  19. Jan Dynna says:

    We are so happy for you! When God speaks about where you are to go, it is very exciting. The children will benefit too, as you will be making more family memories. We know from experience. with Wes, me, Marla, Renee, Mark & Becky. It is an exciting life! May God continue to reveal His blessings on your family! Love Auntie Jan.

  20. patti says:

    hi, i guess it’s time to delurk myself. i’ve been reading your blog for a long time now..i think you’re delightful!

    i live in southern manitoba (winkler). i moved my husband who’s from osler, sk out here. lol.

    hope manitoba treats you well. perhaps i will get the pleasure of meeting you in the next few years.

  21. Dixie says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your support and encouragement and prayers.

    Between Marc and I both having old friends in Winnipeg and there being Covenant and blog people in the area as well, we already feel very welcome and a little less scared about relocating in a new place.

    Looking forward to meeting so many of you!

  22. Carissa says:

    I’ve been gone this week, so wow! Really great to read your thoughts on the 5 of you against the world. When we were in Brandon MB for 10 months, I felt exactly the same way – it was just us. We had tremdendous support back home, of course, but it really did strengthen our family/marriage, even though it wasn’t always easy (at all!). And your situation is a much grander scale, but still, same idea – and good for you! We found a great church which made a huge difference as well. My sister recently graduated from Providence as well! 🙂 All the best with the planning, etc….will miss seeing you around, that’s for sure!!

  23. Heather says:

    Hey Dixie! Looking forward to getting together with you when you get out here, and are all settled. I will check into rentals in the area a little bit.

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