The Weekend & The Future

So this past weekend we drove the 800km to what will be our new home in Manitoba. We saw the campus at Providence and bought ourselves an 1,100 square foot mobile home to house our family in for the next 3 years. We have to downsize so much. There won’t even be room for dressers in the bedrooms. It was very strange to write a (very small) list of furniture that would go in each room, as opposed to writing down the things we’ll get rid of. But I’m looking forward to it. We don’t need all the things we have and they really are a huge stress for me as the person who cleans and takes care of the house.

And while it’s going to be a tight squeeze in that trailer, I know it will be good. We can see Madeline’s bus stop from our kitchen window. There is a huge soccer field across the gravel road from us. And we are steps away from the campus buildings, which will give us a lot more time together as a family.

We got to our friends place in Roseisle (45 minutes west of Providence) late on Thursday night. Friday morning we had appointments to view three trailers on campus and then have lunch and a tour of the campus with the admissions guy.  It was pretty tiring (and we only had Olivia with us — the big kids were playing with our friends’ kids). As we walked into the library it occurred to me, “We’re actually going to be studying here! (I guess I haven’t yet mentioned here the plan of me working towards the Masters in Counseling Psychology very slowly, which I think will complement Marc’s ministry quite nicely.)

And as the weekend went on, I had these moments of almost panic. Not about what we’re going to be doing, but just about the fact that it’s all settled now. Maybe it’s because Marc and I are used to second guessing everything and not really having any direction… But it was strange even on Sunday morning driving the hour into Winnipeg to go to Faith Covenant and knowing that that’s the church we will be attending for the next three years. It’s funny. It’s like having some plans and certainty make me more nervous than just going into it all with no idea at all.

Anyway. The weekend was good. It will be nice to be near(ish) to our friends in Roseisle again. And there will be lots of old and new friends to connect with in the Winnipeg area, which I’m looking forward to. And the kids travelled so very well (especially for not getting to sleep before 10 or 11pm every night!) and we got home in very good time. Now, if only Olivia hadn’t woken up every half hour last night, Marc and I would be in a lot better shape today! The plan for the week is to get the baseboards up and get pictures taken so we can get this house of ours on the market. The trailer in Manitoba is ours on August 1st, so ideally it’d be great to be out of this place by mid August. We shall see. We shall see.

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7 Responses to The Weekend & The Future

  1. Ang says:

    Wow. It seems to be happening so fast. I think it’s great that you guys can have that piece of mind knowing that you have somewhere to live while there and not having to worry, from here, about it any longer. Yay!

    Now the downsizing part huh? That sounds like fun…

  2. Ruthie says:

    wow! i’ve been thinking about you guys and wondered how the “spying out the land” journey had gone. !!!

  3. Ya, it was good. Just tiring, esp with Olivia sick today. I got a tour of the Niverville elementary school but we were too late to check out the french school in St. Pierre. So we still have that decision to make. There’s a preschool in the Niverville school. Do you know anything about it, Ruth? It’d be nice to have the kids in the same place, esp. since Luke’ll be in kindergarten the year after…

  4. Ruth says:

    i haven’t had any direct connection with the niverville pre school. i know one of the teachers and she’s great and everyone i know that sends their kids to it loves it as well. wow. bless you guys with all your planning and decisons. xo let me know if you have any other questions….

  5. Melody says:

    Sounds like everything is coming together, which is reassuring for you. A new adventure! and the schooling for you will be exciting too, I’m sure, knowing your inquisitive mind. Let me know if I can help with downsizing, cleaning, etc. REALLY!

  6. Terry says:

    Hi Dixie,

    I’m a friend of Marc’s from many many years ago… anyways, we live near Niverville. My wife actually grew up there. One of the primary factors for us moving into this area was the fact that the school seemed to have a very good reputation. We are also friends with many teachers in the Hanover School Division and from what we understand, the French Immersion schools (which are not part of the Hanover SD) in the area (Ste. Agathe, St. Adolphe, Ile des Chenes) are a bit ‘rougher’. Not sure on St. Pierre though.

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