Mice and Monkeys

You might remember that it was before bed on the night that we all set up the Christmas tree that our little rodent visitors were discovered. There was a lot of stuff in the living room of the trailer that night! It still feels crowded. But the tree will only be up for so long, so it’s okay. (When we had supper at the neighbours’ trailer the other night, Luke asked his friends’ mom at the dinner table, “Why don’t you celebrate Christmas?” She told him they did, but all of their Christmas things were back in Prince George where they used to live. Perceptive boy, he is.)

Here are a few pictures from that Saturday night, after the kids decorated the tree. And you know what? I’m not even going to “fix” the Christmas tree this year. I’ve moved a few ornaments around. But they did a pretty good job. Sure, the bead garland makes a few “x”s across the front of the tree, but that’s okay. It sure makes the trailer feel cozy.

And here they are singing a song from the new Curious George Christmas movie. I just included the last three verses. Because it’s in the movie, there are some scenes that break up the song. Luke decided to act out that part — chasing a cat, I believe it is. The chorus is, “Are you ready for Christmas day to come? Sing it with me, or if you’re a monkey hum.” (Not “pum” like Olivia has been known to say.)

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3 Responses to Mice and Monkeys

  1. mam V. says:

    I love to see them sing like that, great.

  2. Carmen says:

    Oh that was so cute!!!

  3. ejan says:

    i think olivia makes a great alto. 🙂

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