“Stealing” a Kiss

I have to be very quiet tonight because Marc has a paper due tomorrow and the library isn’t open on Sundays. He gave me a choice between Steve Bell’s Feast of Seasons and the new Swell Season cd to put on while we’re being quiet together. I told him I wanted Charlie Brown Christmas. He’d looked for it this week but couldn’t find it. I looked on the bottom shelf of our cds (where we have our collection of “soundtracks”) just now and *voila!*, there it was! As we stood up, Marc grabbed me and gave me a big kiss (and then he almost made me fall over onto the couch but caught me). Anyway… that moment just now put me in mind of this:

When we were in the middle of the mice trouble last week (I think it was the night we caught the second –and hopefully last— mouse), I dreamt that Marc and I were standing by the stove having a good – long – kiss. It was very nice. I went from being a part of the kiss to the floating-in-the-air dream-bystander watching us kiss. Then I floated over to the entryway where, while we were still kissing in the kitchen, several guys I went to elementary school with and the superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada were looting our entrance and carrying our possessions out the door.

I guess they symbolized the mice???

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