Back to reality

I was just standing around, shooting the breeze with Meryl Streep, waiting to get into the cafe where we and the rest of the movie crew were going to have lunch. We sat at our tables and I got up to get a drink. Then I saw the cream-filled donuts… But had the self-restraint to not get one. I got a cupcake instead. The girl picked it up with her fingers, it tipped over onto the counter, but she picked it up (again with her fingers) and set it down. Then when I gave her the money for the cupcake and litre of apple juice (which somehow disappeared off the counter), she bumped the cupcake onto the till so that a big chunk of icing stayed on the till. She said not to worry and scooped the icing up with her finger and stuck it back on the cupcake. I told her I should probably have a new cupcake, but she did not agree. So I took that one, feeling a bit grossed out, and made my way back to my lunch with Meryl. When I turned back I noticed the lady using tongs to take the next customer’s cupcakes out. Then I heard Olivia yelling down the hallway, and there she was, right by my pillow telling me that Luke needed me. He’d peed in his bed. Just like that. Good-bye Meryl. And back to reality. Get up. Rip off the wet pyjamas. Dry the boy off. Get him dressed. Crawl back into bed. At least it was almost 8am when it happened.

(Of course earlier in the night I’d had a horrible nightmare. The kind that leaves me scared even after I wake up. So you know what I thought of? Nicole in the hospital in Winnipeg right at that moment with her new baby girl Eloise, born yesterday afternoon — the two of them all safe, tired and snuggly in that noisy hospital. Anyway. It made me feel better. And congratulations Nicole and Shane!)

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  1. beck says:

    Yes, there’s nothing like that magical time in the hospital with a brand new baby… I swear, I’d almost do it all again just for those exhausted/strange/thrilling first hours with a new little life… Sigh.

    Also. You and I? We dream a lot alike.

  2. Nicole says:

    Welcome back to Manitoba! So sorry to hear that you had a horrible nightmare – but glad that you were able to bounce back. I too had an awful nightmare that same night – my brother kicked me in my post baby belly because he didn’t like that the general hospital visiting hours only started at 2pm. Bizarre. Can’t wait to connect again soon!

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