My first day as a student.

Yesterday I was given access to my online Foundations of Counseling course. I familiarized myself with the website and all of the things it does and all of the things I will do on there. Then I listened to the first introductory lecture (while doing Scrabble turns on Facebook and leg lifts in the computer chair) — it was very introductory, mostly going over the syllabus. Then I listened to an assigned John Ortberg talk while I made supper and loaded the dishwasher. (I think I’m going to like this “not going to class” thing.)

So today was my first real day as a student, where I knew what was ahead of me for the week. It was a great day! So great that Marc has already tweeted that “Dixie’s work ethic (for her class) will likely drive me nuts this semester. She’s a much better student, in the technical sense, than I am.” Poor Marc. He is a great guy, a smart guy, and so many other things. But. He lacks some things I have in abundance: speed and efficiency.

Take tonight for example. I offered to put our neighbours’ kids to bed so they could go to a movie. What did I do for the 3 hours of silence I had after the kids were in bed? Read an entire book for my course (albeit just a 90-page book), took 6 pages of notes while reading, and then followed that up with 2.5 pages of notes of my response to the book. (And this is for the paper due April 4th.)

And the day was good, as well. I did my exercises, played with the kids, did 4 loads of laundry, took Luke to school, did that post about Luke, looked up stuff for Marc’s and my possible 10th anniversary holiday, made muffins, did this week and next week’s course reading (minus one preface I still need to read), made supper, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, etc, etc, etc.

You see, when you’ve been a mom for over 7 years,  you know “taking a break” can be pretty hard to come by. But when you’re a mom, “taking a break” can mean many different things. For example. Today I took a break from housework to read a course book. Then I took a break from the book to make the kids lunch. So many “interruptions”. Or maybe, so many “opportunities” to do something different.

I don’t expect every day to go like this. But I’m glad today did. And I’m definitely excited about the course now that I know what the content of it will be.

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2 Responses to My first day as a student.

  1. Linea says:

    Glad you are excited about the course. You have qualities besides the efficiency bit that may stand you in better stead as far as counseling go. And of course Marc has great pastoral type gifts that may make up for his lack of efficiency as a student. What a team!

  2. schmutzie says:

    I just wanted to let you know that this weblog has been nominated in both the Family & Parenting and Life categories of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards:


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