One Dream

Just to give you a little glimpse into my head. Here are the events of one dream I had this morning, right before Madeline woke me up at 6am (!!) telling me she was dressed for school and wondering if it was time to get up. (I think it’s time we put a curtain over her blinds!)

Scene 1: I was in the processing of deciding whether to have an affair with a Middle Eastern man who was a friend of the family. I decided to do it. (I blame last night’s rewatching of Revolutionary Road for this dream.)

Scene 2: I am waiting at the airport to see if that Middle Eastern man will pick me up and prove that he’s really interested in me. A crowd gathers around me and we start singing an uplifting song together (I wish could remember what it was!). At one point, we’re all standing in a circle, holding hands, singing, and I’m holding hands and singing harmony with my brother’s wife and a young boy with Down’s Syndrome. It was really quite touching.

Scene 3: Outside the airport doors I am going to my car (I’m a new person now, no longer the adulterous woman) and a group of people have decided that the first row of airport parking is a good place to do several drug deals at my car. There were lots of ziploc bags of marijuana being passed around in full sight of security. At some point I get nervous and drive away quickly.

Scene 4: I’m driving in the car with Marc out of the airport parking lot. We’re trying to get home. The song on the radio plays “You don’t want to turn right” just as I take the right turn instead of the left turn. We realize that we’re on the wrong road and look for a place to do a u-turn, but before that happens we realize the road is actually closed. There were no signs indicating this, only construction workers standing on the now very narrow road who are not moving out of the way. I “nudge” them out of the way with the car because I can only go this direction at this point. Then as I speed down the road I realize they have just paved it, so we have to go down this wet road leaving our tire tracks behind us.

Scene 5: We drive (literally) into a place which ends up being a fancy restaurant and get out of the car looking for help with directions. A family I’ve known all my life is walking up to the restaurant. It is the parents’ 70th anniversary and I’m so happy to see them (they were always my favourite old couple growing up, but the husband died in real life about 3 years ago). The husband is obviously not well, but I visit with the wife and hug her and cry and then just as I am talking to the old man… Madeline wakes me up.

Anyway. I felt the real gamut of emotions in that dream!

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6 Responses to One Dream

  1. Jean H. says:

    Some dream! Ever think of turning it intoa novel? You could name it “In My Dreams”. lol

  2. Randall says:

    Now if you could get more birthing dreams happening, you wouldn’t need cable at all.


  3. Last week I dreamt that we were on our August trip and were at Chris and Toni’s. Unfortunately the toilet was on the stairs with nothing blocking the view from the toilet to the kitchen (where Chris & Toni were). Actually, the worst part was that Marc and a guy from Faith where standing higher up on the stairs trying to figure out why I was sitting on the toilet for so long… 🙂

  4. Toni says:

    Chris exclaimed loudly in my ear that she has dreams just like this too.

  5. Lisa says:

    whoa whoa whoa….you re-watched Revolutionary Road?? Why?

  6. Dixie says:

    I always wanted to watch it again b/c it was so disturbing. I was convinced there was SOMETHING in there to like. 🙂 But there really isn’t. The two of them just act really well.

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