Why I love it here.

This morning as I headed off early to church, I looked down the street as I was turning and saw a very large turkey. Honestly, that early in the morning and that unexpectedly, it looked like the bird from Up. I quickly called Marc to get out of his bathrobe and take the kids out to see the turkey. When they did that, they found that there were actually six turkeys out there. They ran away when Marc and the kids got close. (Apparently they’re very common out here. One of the pastors at our church has a spring-time turkey-chasing tradition.)

I wasn’t expecting to see that hanging around the garbage bin when I left this morning. But that large, funny looking wild turkey is one of the reasons I love living out here. Just like this afternoon, as I walking to look at our neighbour’s new garden, a squirrel walked across the road and, when I looked the other direction, there was a little bunny sitting in the bushes.

At the end of the road I was walking down is a sewage settling pond. Is it bad that I would like to take this year’s family picture at that sewage pond? It is so beautiful. The sun always shines so beautifully on it. And there’s one of those spinny-fan-things that you always see in farmyards, plus the field and the forest behind it. Quite picture-perfect, actually, if it wasn’t for the excrement under the surface.

But beyond the natural beauty and the quiet of the place, there are other good things. The kids can explore and have adventures here. Madeline stayed out late with the neighbour girl on Friday and they caught a butterfly which they played with for a good hour. Today all of the kids played with the neighbour kids for 5 hours out front. Then we had an impromptu barbecue with their family and sat and visited. Yesterday Marc and the kids had an other impromptu picnic with the other neighbours when I was in Winnipeg. We’ve been out with or had people over for supper every single night since Thursday. The community is great out here.

There are some not-so nice things too, of course. The ticks, for example. We never had those in PA. We had our first tick experience this morning. Marc discovered it on Olivia’s head after church. We had a wiener roast with friends last night and the kids were walking around in the forest by where we were, so that must’ve been where she got it. Even though she had a bath and washed her afterward… Or maybe, there’s a tick-infestation at Faith Covenant Winnipeg.

Then there was tonight when I was laying with my head under the water in the tub and decided to check if there were any ticks on my head. You just feel for little lumps and bumps. Unfortunately I was laying in a bath which had a bath bomb that had strawberry seeds in it. Strawberry seeds all in the water, floating onto my head, just the same size as the tick we got off Olivia today. I got a little nervous each time I felt one of those seeds, but I think I’m okay.

For the most part, though, I love it here. It’s hard thinking about this place as a transition point. And the fact that Luke and Olivia’s closest friends will be gone in a month makes that even more real. We’re not living here like it’s just a transition place, but the truth is that it is and these years have and will fly by. Of course, the hope is that we’ll end up in a great place in the next part of the journey. But I haven’t even thought of that “next” bit yet. Maybe next year. But there’s time. And for now there is lots to take in down here.

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3 Responses to Why I love it here.

  1. rebs says:

    Nature sure is amazing. I am from northern MB and I loved driving to Wpg and seeing bears, deers, wolves, etc. on the side of the road. It’s fun

  2. Toni says:

    We’ll have to talk to the wildlife round here to see if they can’t show up when you come over. Rabbits, pheasants, woodpeckers, a couple of varieties of deer and the odd badger. No wild turkeys though.

  3. Carissa says:

    Love this post too! I can totally relate to the “transition point” stuff – our 10 months in Brandon were so hard, but sooo good too. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying things while you are there – that’s how you love and get through life! 🙂

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