The Wind Beneath Our Dreams

This morning Luke and I were at the table eating our toast and I asked him if he had had dreams last night. Usually his answer to that question is one word: “I dreamded Superman” or “I dreamded Batman”. No explanation. Just the superhero name. Today his answer was “I dreamded flying”. (Yes, one of these days I will teach him the proper past tense of dream.) I asked him where he flew to, and he said, “Just everywhere, with fire shooting out of my rocket boots.” Of course. How else do you fly in a dream unless you have Astroboy’s rocket boots?

A few weeks ago Marc kept telling me that he was having such vivid dreams lately. He described one or two of them to me. (Other people’s dreams are never as interesting as your own. Unless you have my dreams. Because my dreams are interesting to everyone. Right?! Right?!) But Marc’s “vivid” dreams were not vivid at all, in my mind. He told me that there were other details, he just didn’t tell me. Still, I suspect that Marc’s “vivid” dreams are my regular dreams.

Why, just last night, I had a particularly humorous encounter with Cher. I ran into her on the street and, as though I was expecting to see her, went right into saying (not singing, thankfully) these words: “Cher. Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I would like to be. I can fly higher than an eagle. And you are taller than me.”

I cannot tell you how funny my unconscious mind found that last bit: “You are taller than me”. (Turns out Cher is in fact exactly three inches taller than me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who holds on to her height by always mentioning the 1/2 inch. Cher is 5′ 8 1/2″. I’m 5′ 5 1/2″ inches. And proud of it. I’m also 31 and almost 1/12 months old.) Anyway. That bit was so funny to me that in the rest of the dreams I had that night I was trying to tell everyone in the dreams what I’d said to Cher.

Madeline and Olivia seem to take after me because they have quite vivid dreams. Unfortunately both girls tend towards dreams of animals eating or chasing them. On the night of Olivia’s birthday a few weeks back, she was restless from the moment she went to bed until midnight when we finally gave her some Tylenol. I can’t remember if it was a big bird or a big fish that was biting her legs off, but she was pretty traumatized.

I’m quite glad to misquote lame songs to random celebrities in my dreams. I think I’ll stick with that.

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3 Responses to The Wind Beneath Our Dreams

  1. Bria says:

    We are the same height…

    Anyways, James never remembers his dreams and I think it’s just the weirdest thing because I’m like you. I have crazy dreams non-stop during the night, I’ll even have continuing dreams from months back. Almost as though I have my own little TV show running through my subconscious. And I wonder why I wake-up so tired.

  2. rebs says:

    Do you ever write down your dreams? Apparantly if you see something in a dream often it can symbolize something like a tornato can symbolize fear or something like that. Perhaps God is gifting or wants to gift your family with dreams.

  3. Toni says:

    Talk to Chris about dreams when you come over – you may find something in common.

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