I guess it could be many things…

First of all: I WENT FOR A RUN TONIGHT! A friend and her family are temporarily living in the trailers here and she was bringing something back to my house and was on her way out for a run. When I asked her if she’d run with me some time (because I’d like to learn how), she said, “How about now?!” And there I went. The plan was to run 2 miles. Well, her initial plan was to run 3 miles (she goes for 6 mile runs sometimes!), but then she said she’d go easy on me. I told her she was going to feel really good about herself after she saw how out of shape I am tonight. In the end she said I did great for someone who hasn’t run in… well… since junior high! So yay me!

Okay. With that little addendum, you’ll understand better why the only thing I’m wearing at the moment is sports socks. You’ll also understand why Marc came in and screamed a few seconds ago when he saw me sprawled across the bed in nothing but these sports socks surfing the internet. He was particularly shocked since I had quietly snuck off to the bedroom with the laptop and the phone in my hands 15 minutes earlier.

Yes. I would be shocked too.

The short answer. I was trying to help a friend figure out if a bathing suit would fit her (we ordered the exact same bathing suit online!) and I wanted to have a bath when I was done checking the internet and so I didn’t want to get dressed again after I tried on the bathing suit. And I was going to call Jyl from the bathtub because I haven’t talked to her in a while.

See. The explanation is very simple. Really no eXXXplanation required.

Now, to file this post under “Funny Bits”…

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3 Responses to I guess it could be many things…

  1. jobina says:

    eXXXplanation indeed! I’ll never look at that email quite the same way ever ever again. :o)

  2. Dixie says:

    Sorry, Jobina. 🙂 But it was too funny NOT to share.

  3. Toni says:

    Oh Dixie, you are a bit of a terror, aren’t you! Just remember you have a male readership too.

    Good job Marc is so laid-back, else (kids permitting) you might have had a lot more exercise that you’d bargained for.


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