I don’t understand men.

Last night at the end of Olivia’s preschool meeting I was walking over to the people who had the “Meet the Teacher” schedule sign-up sheet. As I approached, I saw a lady pointing at me, saying “That’s her. That’s your wife, right?”, to which the man (whom I’ve never seen before) says, “Well, it’s possible. It’d be fun. For fun, but not for love.” Or something like that. By the time he said it (I was standing right in front of him when he got that last bit out), and by the time I figured out what he actually meant, I think I tried to laugh or something and then grabbed the sheet, turned around, and concentrated on picking my meeting time.

Men are strange sometimes. Was I supposed to be flattered or something? Because while I’m quite surprised that a man would think that about me — let alone say it — so in that way I feel a bit flattered, it left me feeling rather yucky. And what would his wife have thought?! Anyway… just something to share and then promptly remove from my memory.

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  1. Mr. C.C. says:

    Yeah well, I don’t understand women sometimes. So it’s even.

  2. Kylee-Anne says:

    My gut-instinct in situations like that is to ask if they’ve heard of sexual harassment law-suits before.

    My dad is one of those men, unfortunately, who thinks saying icky things like that is supposed to somehow be clever and flattering, rather than vulgar and sickening. It’s hard to convince him otherwise.

  3. Carissa says:

    Bizarre!!! I’d have felt the same way as you. Not too long ago, I took my kids to Tim Hortons, and an older man in there said, “Are they all yours?” I smiled and said yes (after all, I am VERY proud of my children!), and then he says, “You guys don’t have a TV, do you?” Really???? You think because I have FOUR children, that all my husband and I do is have sex all the time to procreate?? I was so annoyed! Someone suggested I should’ve said, “The other 8 are in the van.” HA!! 🙂

  4. Randall says:

    Maybe he was just trying to be funny and lighten an awkward situation, but the more he dug, the worse it got.

    It doesn’t excuse being an ass, if he was, but insecurities can run deep. I know that.

  5. Toni says:

    *Reality check*

    It’s not bizarre or sickening behaviour, though it’s certainly vulgar. I’d suggest a majority of males think along these lines at various times, though not usually in a serious way. When a man says “would” what they usually mean is “she looks quite sexy, and I appreciate that, but actually I’ve got a girlfriend or wife and family, and wouldn’t really, but it’s an exciting idea”.

    And women play up to that, often subconsciously, and they’d be shocked if they could see themselves.

    About 15 years ago, one coffee break at work we took a straw poll on the notion that at puberty a man’s brain migrated from cranium to willy. More than half the males firmly agreed with this, a couple kept quiet and one fervently disagreed. I’d suggest it was a joke, mixed in with some mildly wishful thinking and, as Randall says, a pit that he suddenly couldn’t find a way back out of.

    Half the battle as a young Christian male is making sure the thoughts go no further than an appreciation.

  6. Terry says:

    yes, it was quite icky… too bad we didn’t meet you for the first time without that preface.

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