Me, circa 1997

My mom’s been going through some of my grandparents’ boxes of pictures. She’s been sending me some real gems, believe me! One picture I thought was of me was actually of my oldest brother when he was a teenager (he had long hair, if that helps you see why I might’ve thought it was me). Anyway… I’m still not sure who should be more offended by that little mistake I made.

The picture I’m going to show you today was taken sometime in 1997. I know this because I distinctly remember shopping for “university” clothes with my mom at a Gap store in Calgary. I walked out of the store with those snazzy olive greeny/brown corduroy overalls, and several other things. But it’s the overalls I remember the most. And that black cord down the front of me? That was from my wallet on a string. Oh, the days when the only thing I needed on my person was my driver’s license, library card, a bit of cash, and my student price card!

Marc and I met November 14, 1997, which will be 13 years ago one week from now. Crazy! Anyway… The girl in the picture is the girl Marc thought was really pretty for several months-worth of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meetings first and second semester of university. Perhaps what he fell in love with was a girl who had enough time and motivation in the day to curl her hair that well! Quite amazing, isn’t it?
1997 hair

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5 Responses to Me, circa 1997

  1. Toni says:

    I’d have said you looked pretty good in that pic.

    Unlike the cat, who looks more like a lap-sized demon, about to spit fire at the photographer before uttering a curse and fleeing.

  2. I think that’s why I’ve got the goofy raised-eyebrow-goofy smile face, because Murdock (my grandparents’ cat) NEVER sat on anyone’s lap. You’ll notice another set of hands (my mom cropped herself out of the picture) is also trying to hold the cat down.

  3. ruth says:

    love it.

  4. Jenn says:


    I had those exact same overalls!!! I recognized them immediately when I saw your photo. I love, love, LOVED them! In fact, I think I still have them somewhere in an “I’m sure these will never fit me again” box. 🙂

  5. That’s awesome Jenn! I kind of wish I’d kept them. Overalls are the kinds of things that are never out of style and never really IN style. 🙂 I also had some jean ones from Gapkids that I wore in university too, but I did outgrow those. I’m no longer a boys size 14. 🙂

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