Trapped in the Bathtub

Well, it ended up to be quite the morning over here! I slept in until 9:20am because I can’t shake this sore throat and I felt horrible when the alarm went off this morning. Marc brought me some breakfast to eat before I got up and then I laid on the couch and read a textbook and checked email, etc. Marc went off to chapel at 11am and so Olivia and I got in the tub together. I figured a soak in some nice hot water might make our sick bodies feel better.

It was a nice idea, anyway…

You see, even though it happens quite frequently here on campus, you never really go about your day thinking, “Will the water get shut off today?” And even though water gets shut off quite frequently here on campus, the people who do it never feel the need to give us any warning.

Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except that the water wasn’t cut off as the tub was being filled. The water got cut off after we’d been in there for 45 minutes and after our hair was wet (Olivia’s completely soaked) from the water in the tub which had baby oil in it (to keep our dry Manitoba wind-burnt skin moisturized).

So while we weren’t literally trapped in the bathtub… we were trapped in the bathtub. Our options were to get out and walk around with oily hair and then wash our hair at whatever point the water got turned on. (A perfectly reasonable option, really.) Or wait. And because I just generally hate getting out of the tub or shower unless my body temperature has risen enough that it does not notice the cold air in the bathroom, we waited. Plus getting out meant we’d have to get in and out again later.

So we waited.

And waited.

And Marc wasn’t home. But when he got home I asked him if he’d consider boiling some of our drinking water because by that point I was having to “hold things under the water” in our shallow little tub to stay warm. He also checked the clock and confirmed that we had been in the tub for almost an hour and a half.  That would explain the not-warm water. (At least Olivia had the luxury of being able to lay across the width of the tub and immerse her entire body. I can’t even get covered laying the full-length of the tub!)

In the end we just got out. And we were freezing, our hair all wet, the bathroom freezing because Marc had left the door open after he got home. And what was supposed to be helpful for our colds was likely just the opposite. (I am currently in my bathrobe under the blankets in my bed trying to warm up.)

So, yes, it was an exciting morning. I know we weren’t trapped, really. But I felt trapped. (I even started thinking about “survival scenarios” — like the plane crash in the “Alive”, and whether or not I would be willing to eat toothpaste or drink bath water in order to survive.) Stupid, I know. But I did.

Here’s hoping the water will stay on long enough for Olivia and I to get this baby oil out of our hair! And that we warm up at some point. Oh, and stop being sick, too.

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4 Responses to Trapped in the Bathtub

  1. Deniece says:

    Thanks for sharing, Dixie. It’s always fun to get in on the happenings behind the walls of that trailer! Hope you get better soon!

  2. rebs says:

    Hope you all feel better soon

  3. Shannon says:

    We didn’t have water for a bit the other day when our neighbors were getting their well hooked up and we were like “remember when this was normal when we lived at Prov?”. I totally had the same experience a few times when we lived there – remember being fully shampooed up one time… Bah. Hope you feel better soon!

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