Movie Stores, A Big Stick, and The Belly of A Whale

I know no one really cares about other people’s dreams. And, yes, I realize that I have an entire category on my blog dedicated to my dreams. But last night’s dream may take the prize for craziest Dixie dream ever (and this from someone who once dreamt she gave birth to a bowl of kernel corn!).

This is what happened. You really can’t make this kind of stuff up. Nope. Instead you find it swimming around in your subconscious:

Marc and I were at a movie store where we were picking out a movie. Marc was bemoaning the fact that people don’t go to movie stores like they used to. As we were looking, a guy and a girl dressed up as old-school Sherlock Holmes detectives walk up behind us. The store was doing some kind of promotional thing and these detectives were part of it. They were being videotaped and talking to the customers. They talked to us and then moved on to the next section of the video store: the Meryl Streep section.

I follow them and start looking at all of the Meryl Streep stuff they have. They even had a book about how much Meryl Streep loves the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice (could you get more of my favourite things in one book?!). And who are the detectives talking to but Meryl , herself, who was standing right there! Instead of (bursting into tears and weeping at her feet… er… I mean…) listening to them talking, I pick up and examime a small sculpture of a house that was on the shelf. After the interview Meryl comes over to me and says, “I notice that you have one of those houses. It’s from *such and such* movie. You should come to my house and we’ll talk about it.” Obviously, I said yes. But I was all cool about it.

As we walked out of the store a man came up to us. I knew he was completely crazy and psychotic. He had a big stick in his hand and Meryl told me to grab one end of it and she would hold the other end. We were walking on either side of the crazy man. At first I thought we were leading him somewhere — helping him out. But then I realized he was leading us. First it was just down the road. But then we entered a river system and were floating down the rivers — each of us still holding onto the big stick. At some point I told Meryl, “I think he’s talking us to the Atlantic Ocean”.

And just like that we’d zoomed across America to the Atlantic Ocean. I was justifiably nervous by this point. He was still controlling where we were going. And soon I see a giant whale come up to us, with its mouth open. (Seriously, just like Nemo.) Meryl and I are swallowed by the whale and the guy dies right there in the ocean.

The dream ended with Meryl and I in the belly of the whale. I was trying to figure out how we would die — if we would drown (at this point the water was only up to our waists) or if our bodies would rot from the whale’s acidic stomach juices. Right before I woke up, there was a fly buzzing around (how does a fly get in a whale’s stomach?!) and I was trying to kill it by smacking it on my chest. I was trying to decide who would get the privilege of eating the fly as it would prolong that person’s life just a bit more.

The end.

Needless to say, I was glad when I woke up. Really glad. One of the those wake-ups where you are so relieved it was just a dream.  Having my body rot to death in whale stomach juice is not my ideal way to go — even if Meryl Streep is there.

The only thing that makes that dream one bit normal is that the story of Jonah is mentioned in Matthew 12, which was the subject of our Bible study last night. Other than that… it’s all up for interpretation and entertainment.

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5 Responses to Movie Stores, A Big Stick, and The Belly of A Whale

  1. Jyl says:

    I have no interpretation for your dream, but it did provide much entertainment 🙂 I get a kick out of how often you dream about Meryl.

    I have had CRAZY dreams three nights in a row…my own post about them will be coming shortly.

  2. Janice says:

    I find other people’s dreams fascinating. It is so cool the crazy things our brains come up with.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Seriously? I am slightly jealous because that kind of dream would totally make me giggle all day!

  4. aMOMymous says:

    Just wondered if there was a sequel to your dream last night. It’s been three days now, in the belly of that whale !

  5. Well, last night I dreamt that I was going for a massage and the 40-something massage therapist insisted that HE be nude for the massge. I finally told him that I wouldn’t get the massage unless he put clothes on. He put on some speedo-type shorts, but as I was climbing onto the massage table I noticed a bedbug. So they had to cancel all of their appointments.

    I was much happier in the whale’s belly. 🙂

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