Mennonites, Belly Dancing & Being Sexy

This morning I went to see my friend’s belly dancing class perform in Steinbach. It was a group of women ranging in ages from 20s to 60s, and, since it is Steinbach, I’m going to assume that about 80-90% have some Mennonite in their background. (Their ethnic heritage has actually nothing to do with the dancing. It’s just that now that I live in this part of the country, I feel suddenly allowed to say the odd Mennonite joke.)

The beginners went first (in black tank top and pants, with a big scarf on the shoulders and coin belts on their hips) and did a short dance. Then my friend’s group was up — with the full-on decalled bras and everything. I think I may have blushed. (At least I felt like I should have been blushing — or at least I wanted to.) I didn’t quite know where to look, if I’m being honest. The dancing was good and my friend is a good dancer, but it all made me a little uncomfortable at first.

So, why is that? Is it because just that morning as I was getting into the shower I was so mad at the way I looked? Was it because I’m just not used to gyrating around, and when I do do that kind of thing — almost always as a joke — it’s not the kind of thing that Marc notices? (Although when I did some impromptu tap dancing for him a few minutes ago, Marc said he would’ve looked up from his book more if I’d been nude.) Or is it because I think I feel I am at my most vibrant, alive, and sexy self when I do a tax return quickly and correctly?

I guess sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. Belly dancing Mennonites. And half-bold, half-shy, mostly Norwegian moms who like taxes.

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3 Responses to Mennonites, Belly Dancing & Being Sexy

  1. Toni says:

    What makes you feel sexy in your own eyes may not be what works for someone else, particularly a male someone else. Also for some of us (me certainly) erotic excitement and the business of work related activities, even when successful, are mutually exclusive: if I have a head full of work then it’s a major effort to re-orient my mind, likewise exciting thoughts will cause an inability to concentrate on work.

    There’s a possibility Marc is not too different.

    As for belly dancing and gyrating – well, that’s another bucket of frogs entirely. But if you can find things that make you feel good, and they are useful too then that’s great.

  2. Linea says:

    Maybe it is because you just can’t imagine yourself dancing in public in your bra – even if it had sequins! I might react the same way although I’ve seen most every part of the body exposed and that is not the problem.

    Also, tell Marc that you can’t tap dance in the nude – you have to wear shoes with little tappers on them. 🙂

  3. Toni says:

    Linea made me grin.

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