Thinking and trying. But the words just aren’t coming out.

Maybe sometime soon…

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  1. Linea says:

    How did your Madeline like camp?

  2. She loved it! It was the perfect age for her to start going — old enough to be independent for all of the things the kids need to do on their own out there (shower, sunscreen, etc), but young enough that the fact that she only knew one boy from church at camp didn’t intimidate her. She came back tired but happy (about campy — cranky with her brother and sister though). 🙂

  3. Dixie, I know you would be wonderful working with seniors and you will have plenty of opportunity in the ministry, or later when the kids are all in school you could work in a care home or assisted living. I am teaching a weekly bible study this summer in on local one and they really appreciate having someone come and teach.

    I think of the Vanderslays every time I listen to my Songs of the 147th?? parallel, album.

  4. Linea says:

    Coming home from camp is always a let down – life at home is so normal and boring and your regular brother and sisters instead of cool friends. Life is so hard 🙂

  5. hi dixie! i’m not sure how often you check this… but i thought i’d just write you on here, because i have a feeling you might not be checking my blog! so, just letting you know that i misunderstood the last message you left me! i thought you said late afternoon, but you said late morning! i’m at the bakery monday-friday 11-4:30 (ish). so you can just let me know again when you’ll be in town! we’ll work this thing out… you gotta get your earrings! thanks.

  6. rebs says:

    Some times Silence is the best thing we should do and we often busy ourselves too much and forget the art of silence and that that is when we hear God the best.

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