Passing the Torch

I’ve really been thinking about blogposts. But when it comes down to it, I just don’t want to. I find myself spending much less time on the internet, too. I’ve been reading books more too. It’s been nice.

One blog I have been reading diligently, though, is my sister-in-law’s. It started off as a recipe blog (she’s an awesome cook and baker!), but now it’s got lots of life in it too. I love hearing her perspective on things. She’s always had her head on her shoulders and a compassionate heart.

So, in lieu of my words, you can read hers for awhile:

This one, especially, spoke to me:

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4 Responses to Passing the Torch

  1. Maureen says:


    I’ve been checking your blog every day for a new post.

    Perhaps blogs are for a certain time/place in our lives – life-long, short term, to work some things out, to develop some ideas ?????

    Write when you “must” – becoming my motto.

    Thank you for the passing of the torch. Can we play tag with it instead? 😉

  2. nicole says:

    I miss you, but totally get it. Life is hectic and now might just be the time for different choices. Makes sense to me 🙂 See you soon, I hope!

  3. rebs says:

    I think it’s okay to not blog so much. I blog more for family to see pictures and I know when we finally move they will appreciate those pictures more.

    How are you studies?

  4. Seminary and kids is a long tiring haul, but better and more fulfilling and relaxing days when writing and picture sharing with call you.

    I am afraid if I quit I will never start again.

    Your sis can really write with skill.

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