Five Years

Fives years of being a mother of three.


Interesting. I think it’s possible that I’m more tired these days than when that first picture was taken with Olivia two weeks old. Also, in that top picture, I’m wearing size 6 pants. Not doing that these days either.

Oh well. We will get there again someday.

Today was a good day. And I love my kids, even if life is just tiring.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Not that I’m an expert by any means but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, as the kids age, it doesn’t get less tiring, it doesn’t get any easier, it’s like a whole new ball game. Every stage has challenges and triumphs of their own. It’s amazing how much you’ve all grown in the last 5 years. I think you’re amazing! 🙂

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