Last Night I Dreamt

An above average night for vivid dreams:

Last night I dreamt that a bat came in through the fireplace of my parents’ house. I was so brave (what with living with mice and all), that I single-handedly trapped the bat (who had huge ears!) under cardboard and then some jackets. My dad stomped on it with his foot, just to be sure it wasn’t going to escape. My mom had red nail polish on her fingers.

Last night I dreamt that we were in Alberta and the Friesens were at our house and we were trying to organize a trip somewhere with all of their grown-up kids. In my head I was formulating the cheapest, most efficient way to organize hotel rooms.

Last night I dreamt that a fellow student wanted me to wear his sister’s clothes. They were huge, especially the lace underwear (which I did NOT put on!). I did, however, try on the shiny gold shell dress, jean capri pants, and dark blue cape. I sinched up the rattan belt almost twice around my waist.

Last night I dreamt that the most beautiful, fairy-tale-esque house was next door to us. I admired it and wanted to live there until I really looked at the house: it was so old and worn out, the trim was rotting, the windows were cracked and the second pane of many of them was cardboard.

Last night I dreamt that I was walking through a three-storey Bay store. When I noticed men’s winter wear was 2 for $56, I decided to look for some new ski pants for me. On my way to the women’s department I got distracted by the slippers. They had ones that were red leather coca-cola brand. I liked them but they weren’t slip-ons, so I didn’t buy them.

Last night I dreamt that when I got to the bottom floor of the Bay store I saw my Grandpa Stanley (that’s him in my blog header with Olivia a few months before he died) laying on a bed in the store. He was disoriented and saying he needed to get going because he needed to do some chores. But I knew he wouldn’t be able to get out of the bed. He was weak and his body was sinking into the bed. I told him everything would be okay and prayed for him and held on to him as he died right there in the bed in the Bay.

Last night I had another dream where I cried and cried because my grandfather had died.

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