Good-Byes Beginning

It’s been almost a month now since the good-byes began for us out here in Manitoba. One Saturday in mid June we had a moving party for Luke and his classmates at a friend’s place — graciously offered by his friend’s mom. In fact, the party was her idea in the first place! Likely none of these parties would’ve happened had she not mentioned the idea.

So Luke’s was the first party. It was a perfect sunny day to play in their big, beautiful yard.
luke party 2
luke party

A few weeks later, we had Madeline’s party. We rented a room at the school and the kids played some sports outside and then enjoyed a movie on a big screen. They really liked that!
madeline party 2
madeline party

We made the most of the money spent on that room by getting a babysitter and inviting some friends over to the room at the school where we ate (poutine!), played games, and watched Hugo. No pictures. But that was fun too.

The next morning I saw that it was going to be a sunny day, so I decided to see if Olivia’s friends could come over to our place for an impromptu farewell party after school. They did.
olivia party 2
olivia party

Later that week, the kids said good-bye to their elementary school on the last day of grade 1 and grade 4. And, of course, in May Olivia had graduated from preschool and is now kindergarten-bound.
olivia grad

On Canada Day, we went to my favourite theatre — Keystone Cinema in Steinbach. Since the kids were going to stay up for the fireworks in Steinbach anyway, we figured we may as well take the kids to the theatre there. Shortly after we moved to Otterburne, I went to Julie and Julia by myself at that theatre. And since then I’ve gone to so many movies with friends at that theatre. Big leather seats for $6 and super cheap, super delicious popcorn. Can’t beat that! We really said good-bye to it that night — it’s being torn down this Monday.

Last night some friends and I went out for Wing Wednesday in St. Pierre. At the end of the night I said good-bye to a friend that I got to know just this last year. She’s a great girl. She’s also good at giving looks that make people cry. So I ended up in tears over the good-bye. I think it just hit me — all of the good-byes that are coming in the next 18 days.
lucky lucs

And today was more good-byes — one more visit with two girls that I met through our blogs and who I only met in person after we moved here to Manitoba. I’ve had MANY good times with these girls over the past three years! And thank goodness for the internet, so we can stay connected so easily!
heather nicole

Tomorrow we drop the kids off with my parents for a week so Marc and I can get some serious packing done and hopefully one or two days of relaxing as well. Then the kids will have one more week here to see their friends a few more times before moving day. It hit me today when I realized that, because of holiday schedules, Olivia only gets one more day to play with her best friend.
olivia erica 2012

That kind of thing has the potential to make me very sad because it’s true of all of the people out here — only one or two more visits left. But then I force myself to think of the new people out in Alberta — people I’m getting to know a bit already even from two provinces away. And then I am excited about the new friendships that will form for Marc and I and our kids, and the ones from here that will continue even as we go.

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6 Responses to Good-Byes Beginning

  1. Heather says:

    You will be missed Dixie! I usually am one for emotional good-byes, but for some reason it felt more like a “see you later”. I love you, and I’m excited to watch and read your journey unfold. Thank goodness for the internet – you’ll never be more than a click away! 🙂

  2. Maureen says:

    This post makes me both happy and sad! Love the memories and friendships that you’ve made. New chapters are both exciting and intimidating! I pray that God will provide friendships for all of you in AB that will make the transition smooth and easy.

  3. Nikki says:

    Oh Dixie, you almost made me cry with your comments and that last picture. Oh the tears that are yet to come from my little girl. (And probably from me, too.)

  4. rebs says:

    I thought you were gone already. If I would have known you were there I would have come to say hi when we were there for the EMC convention last weekend. Blessings as you pack. THanks for the blog comment the other day too.

  5. Pegs says:

    The one thing I tried to share with my kids is that we never really have to say goodbye. We won’t lose our friends but we will make new ones and that is the great part of moving. It can be very exciting. Allow them and yourselves to be sad but I tried not to impress my sadness for them on them, if that makes sense.

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