Sore, Sick Day

Today I am sick. I have not been this sick in a long time. I knew it was coming when I got into bed last night, and by the middle of the night my throat was so sore I could barely swallow. Got Marc up to get salt and a cup because I felt too weak to walk to the kitchen and back. A little 3am salt water rinse, some Tylenol, and I did get a bit of sleep.

But I did not venture far from my bed today. Luckily Luke was off to a friend’s at noon and is having a sleepover there tonight. The girls played Barbies for a good portion of the day. (Marc was worried that our packing up the entire house last week while the kids were away would bother them, but I think they like just having only a few things to play with.)

And I stayed in bed. Napped. Watched some netflix. Worked on and completed final drafts ready to hand in for 5 of my 6 Job papers. Napepd some more. Had a bath when I felt like I was getting the chills. Took the blankets off when I was hot and clammy. Gargled. Ate popsicles. Chewed my food very carefully so it wouldn’t hurt so much when I swallowed. (I don’t understand how Luke could have asked for and eaten toast for supper on the day he got his tonsils removed!)

And that was my day. I’m very glad for a husband to bring me everything I need and massage my sore, achy body. I hope tomorrow is better. I had to cancel two appointments for me today, but tomorrow Luke has one in the city that can’t be cancelled. I guess I don’t really have to go, but it would be nice to be there.

For now, I will have a couple of advil, put in my ear plugs, and pray that sleep comes a little easier tonight. The throat is still just as sore as it was this morning, but even just the idea of sleep makes me feel better right now.

Good night from the sick bed!

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  1. Toni says:

    Hope you feel better soon Dixie.

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