A Week Behind & Still Moving Tomorrow

I am currently laying on the floor in an almost empty master bedroom. Most of the rooms now are almost empty. ALMOST. We picked up the moving van yesterday and starting packing it up. We had six friends come and help us and one friend watch our kids. We made good progress. But my being sick in bed for four days is sure revealing itself now. We would’ve been so much further along if I hadn’t been sick! And it’s frustrating to feel the time crunch (and to be honest, to still not feel 100% — I had to lay down at intervals yesterday morning because I was light headed) with still so many piles of things to go through.

But it will get done. Friends will come and help again today after work and we are so thankful for their help, and thankful just for them simply being our friends. And I guess now that I’m finished sipping yogurt out of a container because the kitchen was all packed last night, I better get back at it. I don’t want to. But it must be done. We drive away tomorrow.

See you on the road to Alberta!

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  1. Toni says:

    Hope the move is going well for you all.

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